A Few Thoughts on Rapport, pt .2

Like I said last post, my plan is always “Initiate state. Initiate state. Initiate state. Escalate”

But at the same time, sometimes the girls catch on to this. You have attraction but trust has gone down because they can’t figure out how you’re doing it. Other times they get mad at you for something you said or for something that’s happening, and just gaming them more won’t work. Other times they get freaked out that you took them home too fast – whatever.

The solution is to exploit their autopilot responses. Think to yourself, “If someone acts x-way towards them, how would they act? How can I act, to get them to react in a way that benefits me?”

What I’ll do, is drop all game and go full rapport. This is a form of fractionation, but it goes deeper than that.

For example, I’ll pull a set back to my house, and they’ll start freaking out (because I did it too fast, and didn’t play a solid game). They’ll start freaking, and I’ll just say “Hey, what’s up guys. You guys are awesome, I’m glad we met and got to hang out. I’m thinking of going to bed actually, but I had an awesome time tonight. Do you guys like this place?” Or anything. It doesn’t matter. The point is that I drop all game and just act normal. Also, if its not penetrating, I’ll say “Yeah, I’m having such an awesome time tonight. You guys look a little freaked out, and really I want to hang with you tommorow, so I think you guys should go so that we can hang out later. You guys were all having fun before but you’re not totally comfortable right now so we could just catch up later.”

Oftentimes, the girls see that you know the deal, and they’ll get totally comfortable. Like you’re addressing the negative emotions that they’re getting, and they’ll just totally open up.

Also, I’ll sometimes use reality pacing shit. Like I’ll open a set, and they’ll look freaked out that some random dude is just talking to them. So I back up a foot or two, and say “Oh woops. I’m just totally chatty right now because I’m waiting for my friends. It’s like all weird though..” (and I’ll make hand motions showing personal spacing between us, to imply like I know they felt like I was infringing).

I don’t do this in an apologizing way whatsoever. It isn’t an apology. It’s totally neutral, like how friends talk to eachother, so the WORDS are not congruent with social projection. Like an apology would have certain vocal inflections that go with it. Certain ways you’d talk. But I do the reality pacing in a way where its like I’m talking about a cool painting that we’re both looking at. That way, on a logical level they can calm themselves down, but on an emotional level I’m not triggering any channels that lower my value or break attraction.

What’s interesting, is that the girls will often bust out laughing (because their brains can’t process what’s happening and you’re releasing various emotions), and they start shooting IOIs. I’ll talk about this in some field reports eventually.

THE POINT: Recognize that certain social behaviours will yield very specific social responses. Ignore social convention and don’t be afraid to say or do things that make NO SENSE whatsoever in an interaction. Focus only on getting the response that you want, and flipping the switch that will yield the autopilot response. This is no different than saying to a girl “We should only be friends” and then kissing/biting/sucking her neck. You’re saying one thing on a logical channel to disarm resistance, but on an emotional channel you’re doing things to increase her state.

The same goes for wacking her with straight friendly rapport type vocal inflections and facial expressions, while addressing legit concerns of creepiness. Then immediately SWAPPING back to attract game as soon as the emotional clog has been removed and continue the pickup as per normal procedure.

This shit is kind of obscure, so I’ll post some FRs on it at some point.



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