Boyfriend Destroyer, pt. 5

Here are some more important thoughts for how to destroy the BF in the eyes of the girls and make him look totally weak and unappealing to her.

1)            Never prod the HB that you’re PUing to talk about her BF.

2)            Ideally, it should come up as LMR, while you’re beginning to apply kino.  If you are the kind of PUA who pries for these facts about her relationship status, you are probably not doing things quite right (IMHO).

3)            When it does come up (ie.  “take your hand off my tit, I have a BF!” …  lol, well not quite, but you get the drift) that is the time to address it.  Your sarge should always be moving forward, BFdestruction is a temporary pause, but don’t make it the essence of the sarge.

3b) Now, sometimes it comes up before you have applied kino.  Keep in mind why she has mentioned her BF. Addressing the BF issue is sometimes a mistake, as she may want to fuck you regardless.  So don’t get PU-info overload.  Keep her mind away from the topic, until you can’t avoid it.

Then use this stuff.

4)            As I mentioned, you MUST be careful not to fall into therapist LJBF zone.  I have fucked up here many times in the past.  Sometimes, I have wound up convincing the HB, but getting her kinda pissed at me.  Winning the battle, losing the war 🙁  … BUT, then a few months later, she wants it from me, so who knows.  But, I don’t think that this is ideal for FAST seduction.

5)            If she doesn’t have any probs with her BF, this stuff is probably not going to break her up with him.  Sorry.  In a FRESH LTR, there’s usually little hope of breaking up any girl with any sense of class (I know, social labels, but you see what I mean contrasting to white trash girls, who will fuck any alpha guy).

6)            Most LTRs, however, do have these problems.  So, try to use the “I’m sticking up for your BF” style, to get it to come up, should it be necessary.  Key in on her smallest comment, and peak her interest by doing the indirect CONTRASTING of your alphaness to his betaness thing that I mentioned in the post.  The key is to make her work it out of you, with an offhanded comment that peaks her interest.

7)            This stuff is good (field tested), but its not foolproof.  It’s something for your arsenal, but not the be-all-end-all.  Try topping it off with an RJ BFdestroyer… I haven’t tried that yet, but who knows?

Some guys think stuff like this is unethical, but what you should be thinking is if you’re able to convince the girl to cheat, clearly she doesn’t value the relationship that much. If the chick thinks it’s really important she won’t cheat. All you’re doing is testing whether this is a solid relationship or one that will break apart eventually anyway.

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