The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 18


  • don’t ask her for her permission on ANYTHING.. if you are ALPHA she’ll appreciate it.. if you’re BETA, she’ll TEST you on it, and you have to NOT REACT
  • at certain points, just sit there and LOOK at her.. let the ENDORPHINS run through both of you
  • strike while the iron is HOT.. NEVER pass up on a HOT MOMENT, or the chick’s limbic brain will be DISENGAGED
  • take her places without telling her where you’re going.. good, because when you bring her somewhere isolated, the PRECEDENT that you don’t say anything will have been set.
  • Again, ALWAYS phase shift when the time is right.. NEVER be afraid to phase shift.. REMEMBER that is in IN FACT, -INAPPROPRIATE- and –TACKY- not to phase shift when the time is right. GO IN FOR THE KILL WHEN SHE IS PRIMED OR RISK LOSING ALL YOUR PROGRESS.


  • REMEMBER, that if using these tactics is not FUN for you, that you will come off as LAMEASS and INCONGRUENT.
  • this stuff is meant to be FUN to use, because chicks react positively to it..  if its not fun, then make it a PRIORITY to find a style that IS.
  • don’t be a ‘TRY-HARD’, or chicks will DETECT it, and assume that you have an AGENDA, and that you are not GENUINE, which is a massive TURN OFF for them.

SO REMEMBER: Keep the interaction TIGHT and CHARGED. Either focusing on attracting until phase shift, or attracting until she wants RAPPORT, giving that to her, and then phase shifting. Your goal is to get her to her BOILING POINT. “Stick a fork in me, I’m done.”

Using this kind of MENTALITY – that I’m NOT being screened by her, but rather just doing my own thing, I can almost ALWAYS get with a chick I’m interacting with. The problem for ME, and my SP, is actually picking the chick up in the first place, so I can get a CLEAN SHOT at her. But so long as I have a CLEAR SHOT, I can use this kind of stuff to close no probs.. That’s why I was able to PU the Cosmo Model on the airplane. Because I had her ONE on ONE, on the plane.  In a club, I doubt I could have gotten ANYWHERE, given my current skillsets. I can even get with my profs, my teaching assistants, and any chick that gets left alone with me for whatever reason. Because I EXPLOIT having a CLEAR SHOT, since being ALONE together FORCES her to live in ONE of our frames. Since my frame is DOMINANT, she will be sucked in MINE.

The KEY, is to keep it in YOUR FRAME. Do NOT succumb to the DATING FRAME, or you will 99% NOT close the chick that night (or even that month). You should SENSE the dating frame when its occurring, by her “I’m not sure yet” composure, and sort of “evaluating / NOT swept off her feet” thing, often evident by lack of kino and her not leaning into you.

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