Trying Out Routines, pt. 2

What most guys don’t know even in the community is that girls are so ridiculously susceptible to the frames that you throw at them, that you could distract them from virtually anything within seconds.

I can tell a girl “I’m running a pickup workshop.  This is my student.  Student-X, I’m going to make out with this girl within 3 minutes.  She’s locked up right now, as you can see by x,y,z.  Give me 3 minutes.  Then I’ll blow her off, and go tongue down a few more girls, to show you how its done.”

The girl will say “WTF did you just say? Are you kidding me?”

I’ll reply “hahhaa, I was just kidding.. hey get this (routine, mini-cold-read, future-adventures-projections, C&F-misinterpretations, etc etc).  Start doing playful pushaways, get her pushing towards me all close, triangular gazing and then push away, she comes back, and TONGUEDOWN.  Or I say “Student-X, watch how she’s touching me when I make her emotional, to try to get me to touch her back so that she can displace the endorphins I’m shooting into her, and bring herself out of state.  I’ll even tell her to stop touching me, and she’ll do it more and more.  She won’t be able to stop herself, its reflex.”  Again, RIGHT to the chick.  She’s like “Dude, WTF did you say”, and I’m like “Hey, pay attention.  I said I want to adopt you.. You’re going to be my new little.. OMG  you’re so cute, I’m going to pack you in my suitcase and wrap you up in bubble wrap, so you’ll be all squishy and cuddling, and I’m going to bring you back to Los Angeles with me. We’re going to go shopping, and I’ll have you on my arm like this, and EVERY GIRL IN THE PLACE will be JEALOUS of you..”  She’s like “OMG that’s so awesome!  I love you so much! blah blah” and starts touching me instantly.  I say “Hey, you’re my little sister.. Hands off the merchandise, that’s 30 bucks reduced rates for little sisters”, and she touches me more and more.

Then I laugh at her and stop the pickup and blatantly remind her that I just told her what I was about to do it.  She’s like “AAAAAAAAH!! WTF ARE YOU DOING TO ME???”

It’s all frame setting.  You can PLOW girls’ frames so easily. Not talking is another way to do this.

You just IGNORE what she said, and then its “Follow the shiny thing girls.. Look, its a shiny thing!.. Follow it!”  She instantly falls out of her frame and into yours.  It all makes sense, because her emotions are saying “This is good”. Her logic is DISENGAGED enough to ignore what’s previously given her a bad emotion, in exchange for the more pleasant one (or in reality, to be more specific, the new attachment that you’ve given the emotion, since really love and hate are similar chemical reactions, but she tags it differently)

Often, in deep comfort building, I’ll have girls on my lap or leaning back on me or in close, and they’ll say some shit like “You’re too good at this.. You do this to girls all the time, don’t you?”

I just don’t answer.  I look at them, and don’t answer.  Then I ease my forehead to her head, and she reciprocates, and tonguedown. Boom, shit test passed. As you said, you don’t even have to answer.  You can IGNORE a shit-test, and if your frame is stronger, she’ll forget that she even said it.

The PUA just pretends the HB didn’t shit test him, doesn’t say anything / do anything. This is nice, because it is EASY to do. IMHO I passed a lot of shit tests in my first year of PU, just because I did this


Level 4: Skillful Shit Test Passing

Result: HB gets more attracted and Sarge PROGRESSES

Result:  She is unable to shut your game down, and use logic to put the breaks on her state of emotional arousal (which she tends to do just prior to hitting a higher buying temperature).




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