Do You Have a Game Plan for Success?


When you sarge girls, what is your GAMEPLAN?

Do you just start asking them questions and shit like that, or do you go in with a neutral false opinion opener, and just start BLABBING AWAY?

Because most guys from the PU community that I meet who don’t have success start asking girls questions, and trying to get rapport with THEM.

They open girls with “where did you get that”, and “what does that mean”, and “how do you get to x-location”, and “look at that thing on the wall”… shit like that, which I’ve personally never seen work CONSISTENTLY real life in field.


Do you use stuff to INTRIGUE them or crack them up?  What sort of stuff do you say?

How do you convey HIGHER VALUE?

How do you create DRAMA in your approach?  Do you make them HATE you first, and THEN like you, to create more drama?

Do you convey an attractive personality?

Do you convey sexuality?

Do you convey that you are the prize, by being C&F?

Do you use PUNISHMENT/REWARD by turning your back on them to tease that you’ll leave?


If you haven’t tried that, then you’re missing out, because I do it almost EVERY sarge.

The key to getting really good is to just go in and talk 80%/20% initially, until the chick starts asking you your name and shit like that, and then going 50%/50% rapport/genuine/get-to-know-eachother from that point..

Also, don’t face them.. however much she is facing you, be facing a little less towards her, no matter WHAT.  If she can’t hear you in a club, do NOT lean in to her.  Keep talking, and either accept that she’ll leave, or make her lean in.

Have you ever read the “How to actually PU for real” thing from before?  Have you tried ALL of those openers and sequences?  What HAVE you tried?  What can you tell us that’s CONCRETE from your 300+ sarges, that we can analyze to help you?

It really pisses me off the way that guys often try and pick up chicks. They’ll walk over and convey the message: ‘I like you and think you’re really hot, that’s why I’ve left my friends to come over and talk to you. Do you like me?’ And OF COURSE that’s never going to work. Think about romantic gestures like roses, chocolates, surprise dates etc. When does that shit work? It only works when the chick already likes you because in those situations you are demonstrating interest. What you’re not, I repeat NOT showing, is higher value. If you’re doing things like this from a position on strength it’s fine. I mean, if Brad Pitt sent me flowers, I’d be straight there, right.

Hence what you need is a game plan. You need to know how to convey higher value, how to approach, how to select, how to qualify, how to deal with a bratty girl. Just going out isn’t enough, you need game and you need tactics.

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