Creating Rapport

She has to FEEL you two are soulmates, like she has known you forever. When it happens fast, you will hear the following from her: “Oh my God I don’t know why I’m telling you this, I don’t even know you..”

What happened?

She FEELS she knows me better then her best friend and her logical brain supplies her with information “You don’t know this guy!”

And yes, rapport gets you girl!

The following is for guys who want Rapport Fast:

Attraction is naturally created between people.

With deep rapport you will get her. If not the first time you see her, then the second or third you will. She will remember you as someone special and think of you all the time. Good rapport brings the chick to you.

What to do to get in rapport, guys:

  • Relax. It is important. RELAX. Nervous guys, don’t drink coffeine, don’t look around like you escaped from jail. Act like you’re alone in the most comfortable place on Earth. Make that place exist in your imagination if you have never been in a place like that.
  • Avoid everyday chat (weather, school, job, newspapers, movies..) you will need weeks to get rapport with that.
  • Skip the usual introductions and talk with her like she is your twin sister, in fact even more openly than you would with your twin sister.
  • Go deep (share some emotions with her, talk about yourself (example: how you fell in love first time when you were 5 years old, how you had a rabbit and he was your friend and when he died you were very sad and felt vulnerable..)
  • Listen when she follows with her deep story. Leave comments aside. Don’t interrupt with: “That’s good!”, “That’s funny”, “Oh that’s so bad for you”. Just listen. Don’t criticise or judge her whatever she says. Never involve in discussion. If you do so you’re pushing her away. If you “agree” with her or “approve” her actions you loose trust from her. Just listen. Ask a question if something is not clear to you. When you finish asking, shut up and listen her for a while. You must NOT become her cushion. It happens in 15 mins to 2 hours, only longer in special situations. Don’t make it long. If you make it long without stepping forward (kiss), there is a danger of becoming a friend, or even worse, marriage material.
  • Don’t try hard to find common things between you two. Do it more like you’re just informing yourself about her and her about your thoughts, or even better, you’re just thinking loudly, with no specific objective.
  • Don’t give her eye contact too much. Save it’s power for later. Give it more and more in moments before kiss, and make a last one longer.
  • Cube and similar techniques can work if used on right place in right time and by skilled person. I prefer something else: use experience to explain how she feels or what she thinks or why she behaved in such way in such occasion. That adds HUGE amounts of rapport, it’s quicker and less borring.

Newbies, the above is gold , I’m writing it for you instead of sleeping so *pay* *fuckin* *attention*. Re-read, apply and get that girl!

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