Forcing IOIs

An intriguing idea for manipulating girls into giving you IOIs.

For guys, like me who are impatient by nature and don’t like to waste time by waiting for IOIs.

You can figure out what IOIs you want and then ‘trick’ or command them from girls.

For instance, these are some of the IOIs you force:

  • Body posture – Tell her to sit with the proper posture. Legs crossed towards you, hands lowered, etc.. Let her know it is rude otherwise.
  • Kino – Tell her to put a hand on your arm and feel the energy coursing through that special nerve. Tell her to stroke your hand. Give her a shoulder rub upon meeting her and then expect her to reciprocate.
  • Use conversational hooks and play upon her curiosity to get her asking you questions.
  • Get her to elicit your values.
  • Have her accepting your commands: Start small and then build up.

There are many more. Practically any IOIs you can think up can be forced. Then in most instances you can close off them because she will act congruently with her behavior even though it was not her idea. But if you have problems you can do as RIO suggests and reference back to them if she tries to back away from her attraction to you. But in my experience, if you force IOIs properly you will be successful in closing.

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