Demonstrations vs Verbalisations

There seems to be some confusion regarding the idea of demonstrating high / low value and when to do them and what these techniques actually achieve. There is also some confusion as to how to demonstrate high value properly. In my experience, there are some guys who are attempting to be cocky and funny but are coming off insecure when doing it. In this post I will illustrate why this happens and how to avoid it and make proper use of the DHV technique.

There are certain things you demonstrate and certain things you verbalize.

Demonstration of high value takes many forms. Storytelling, cold reads, humor, actual “demonstrations” like having a girl watching while you “perform” in some way, fucking the shit out of her, etc.

Demonstrating Higher value is ALWAYS good. If done confidently and congruently, it cannot hurt you.

One SPECIFIC type of DHV is to VERBALIZE lower value. Some people call this “DLV”. This is a misnomer. You are not actually demonstrating low value, you are simply verbalizing it. There is a HUGE difference.

Verbalizing low value shows that you are indifferent to the outcome, not trying to impress her, could care less what she thinks, you have a sense of humor / irony, maybe it shows you are humble… whatever. All of this DEMONSTRATES that you are ACTUALLY high value. So the technique should logically be called verbalizing low value (VLV). A VLV is merely a special case of a DHV.

So to clear up the acronyms we have:

DHV: Storytelling, displaying humor, displaying intelligence. Being seen with another girl / girls. Having one girl over to your place and she smells perfume, but isn’t quite sure. You actually are busy, but reassure the chick you’ll make time for her. Your cock smells like a condom, but you play it off. Main bitch finds cum stains on your shirt and doesn’t remember fucking you in that shirt (happened to me yesterday, BTW 😉 ) One girl notices other girls calling you, sees you with other girls who are “just friends”…etc you get the picture. These are DHVs and always help you.

DLV: Being clumsy, displaying lack of intelligence and / or social intelligence, shitting your pants, etc. Showing that you are wicked shy and timid, girl sees that you do nothing with your life, girl realizes you actually CAN’T get other girls, you actually DO work at taco bell…

DLV usually works against you, unless it is minor and you already have a ton of value.

VHV: “I’m really smart. I go to X school”, “I’m cooler because I drive X car.”, “I’m busy on monday and tuesday, let’s get together on Wednesday for two hours.” “I am seeing a lot of other girls right now.” “All girls want me, cause I’m so sexy.” “I make $X / year.” “I’m really good at sex, I made X girl cum 5 times.” “I’m screening you.”

This stuff should be demonstrated. Words like this usually come off as insecure, unless they are used to accent a demonstration of high value as in: “I will NOT take your shit, I have no time for this.” ; said firmly as your actions demonstrate congruence. All of this – I’m too busy, I get girls… shit should be demonstrated, not verbalized. Bodylanguage, tonality and facial expressions are the best way to communicate / demonstrate this stuff.

VLV: “I’m shy.” “I’m poor” “I can’t get girls” “I have a two inch cock.” “Sure baby anything you want baby” “Sure baby, anything for you, I’ll buy you a drink” (And then NOT buy her that drink) “Yeah baby I love spending time with you” (And then DON’T spend a lot of time with her. In a sense this is known as “leading her on” which is awesome for driving a girl crazy for you. “Yeah baby, you’re the only one, I don’t have any other girls”, “I suck at guitar” , etc.

This stuff works ONLY if you simultaneously demonstrate the opposite high value action. If you simultaneously VLV and demonstrate that same low value thing, you are merely pacing reality. That is no good.

So in closing; always demonstrate positive things about yourself – you make good money, you have lots of girls, you’re busy doing cool things. Avoid demonstrating shitty things about yourself as much as possible. Verbalize lower value as a form of humor and irony. Verbalize high value sparsely along with demonstration of it to make a strong statement to put a girl in her place, or to state an obvious truth – that a girl should know anyway, but is too dumb to realize.

Naturals have these guidelines down, well… naturally – it is guided by their state. Conversely, internalizing the guidelines will improve your state, and how you come across.

If you cannot help but demonstrating low value (you’re fat, going bald, drive a shitty car, etc) The best bet is to just ignore it. VHV looks insecure and lame, VLV just draws attention to it.

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