Passing Her Shit Tests, pt. 4

ST: “Don’t blame the dog/kid/whatever” (assuming you DID fuckup, and ACTUALLY said something mean.. I’m talking STICKY situations here, where you actually fucked up)

WHY: She is trying to upset herself, because she has de

A: That dog is STUPID!! hahha.. ok you’re right” (then KISS her)

EFFECT: Shows her “I am STILL the man, but will admit I fucked up”.. At this point, you may have said something so stupid that you can’t cover it with C&F, so PROTOCOL is to PUSH further by re-enforcing with alpha statements that are FUNNY, but then admitting she’s right.. You kiss her as a REWARD for showing you.

ST: “blah blah blah” (chick talks TOO MUCH, and you are supplicating by listening)

WHY: If you listen, you are her girlfriend.

A: Do you have an off switch.. (mock hit her, then kiss her)

EFFECT: Shows you won’t be a drama queen, controls her emotions with first a mock-hit (bring her DOWN) and then a kiss (bring her UP).. Fucks with her emotions, makes you unpredictable, turns her on.

Notice that ALL of these involve the chick subconsiously/consciously trying to BREAK HER OWN STATE.  But by pumping her with a DIFFERENT emotion (humour, C&F/alphaness/therfore turning her on, tickling her, kissing her/passion, etc) you PREVENT her from breaking her own state.

You are DERAILING her screening process, therefore getting into the golden gates.

They always try to prevent themselves from getting laid by you.  REVEL in it.  Because all shit tests are ACTUALLY OPPORTUNITIES.  If you’re being tested, its a good sign, because it SHOWS that you have ENGAGED her reproductive screening process.

Do you think that HBs sit around shit testing RANDOM BUMS OFF THE STREET???  NO.  They only do it to guys just like YOU.  So be HAPPY that they shit test you, because if they didn’t, then you are in SERIOUS trouble! 🙂

Remember, ANY logical answer shows beta-ness, and therefore will make her MORE upset.  Have you ever seen a guy start explaining himself to a chick and have her LIKE it???????  RARELY.  Only if its a SERIOUS incident, and EVEN THEN chicks are so chick-ish that they often don’t like it.

Hope that’s helpful.  Try to keep it in mind.


I forgot, but when a SUPER HOT chick tries touching you, that is a SHIT TEST.

You may THINK that its an IOI.  NOPE.

If you’re using negs and C&F ballbusting, they ALWAYS try to touch you to get you to like them so they can VALIDATE their insecurity.

The answer to being touched by a chick:

“Hands off the merchandise!  That’ll cost you 30$” or as the song playing ends “if you want me to stay for another song, I need 20$.. You can’t touch me but I can touch you.. I’m sorry, but its not my rules” (IOW, like you’re giving her a lap-dance)

When a really hot chick tries touching you TOO EARLY (like it may not be appropriate yet) NEVER act eager unless you are DAMNED sure that it means something.

She’s getting AROUSED by what you’re doing, and wants to BREAK HER OWN STATE by touching you so that you’ll get eager, which subconsciously she KNOWS will turn her off.

Okay that’s all of the examples I gave earlier.

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