Epic PUA Battle Stories

In Las Vegas, I took this girl away from a guy who’d been gaming her all night.  I was macking out with her and she’s all over me.  She says she wants to go home with me and that the guy she’s with is a chump (even though she is clearly into him, but she just likes me more now, since I opened her even though the guy was right there).

We go to leave the casino, and her friend wants to back in for one last second and say bye to the guys.  The guy I took her from grabs her back chats her for a few minutes, and next thing you know he walks her around the casino for the next 45 minutes while I sit there waiting like a puppydog.. FUCK, so CLOSE..  Like I had them at the cab stand, and now I’m back in here by myself???  My girl comes back and says she can’t go home with me anymore, while I see the guy smiling that he’s got her now.

I go off to the side, over to the friend and say that I’m gay, and that I want my girl (her best friend) to be my new best friend and to take her shopping tommorow morning.  “Can I stay over?”  She believes it, and cockblocks the guy who was about to pull the girl that we were fighting over, and we all go home together.  The girl hates me, but her buying temperature is up and she needs sex.  Oh yeah, did I mention that she was engaged?  Anyway, she’s fucking hot as hell, I’m there, she’s there, and boom, its a done deal.

This was hard core tug of war.  The same thing I did in Montreal, when I gamed up this set until they’re ready to go home with me and my wing (while the students watch this go down), but then I have to leave to continue the workshop because its too early in the night, so I leave.  Meanwhile some natural french player guys move in and start making out with these girls within about 3 minutes!  Why?  Because the girls buying temperature is up, and these guys can sense it and they exploit it.

Now these girls want to leave with these 2 french player dudes.  So I go in with Stephane (of Cliff’s List fame), and I make best friends with the two girls and tell them that I love their friend because I love them, and that I want to be best friends with them and that I we’ll all be happy together, blah blah.. The girls cockblock the player guys and tell their friends all to go back to my house (incidentally its Cliff’s house from Cliff’s List, who I’m staying with).  Our targets keep trying to go back with the French player guys, but I just cockblock the shit out of them by continually whispering into the obstacles ears that I need help from them.  In this case there was a fuckup which I talked about in another post.  Either way, the French guys were jaw-dropped when we waved, winked, and laughed at them, as we took away their girls.

I’ve done this SO MANY times.  I’ll see a girl who’s ready to be pulled, and I just go befriend the obstacles.  The obstacles know that their friend is going to sleep with SOMEBODY, so they do what it takes to make sure that somebody is me.

This is hardcore tug of war.  You can see it outside clubs at closing times.  Accounts are being worked out.  Guys are chatting the girls they grinded with all night, trying to get them to “go to the afterbar” or “go eat” with them.

That’s how the pull always goes down.  It’s first to go eat or party more or do drugs or drink at a house or hotel, and one thing leads to another.  JLaix uses “We’re going to Club Jeffy”.  Same type of shit.

I’ve also lost alot of tug of war battles in my day.  Of course this is because I’ll go into the battle even in spite of knowing that my odds are poor.  I do it just for the education.

The other night in Kingston I had this girl ready to leave with me.  I also had a date that night with a hotter girl, and ditched this girl at around 11pm.  Twentysix was visiting me in Kingston, and we drove over to the girls house, but I realized that I’d forgotten the address.  FUCK.  So I go back to the club.  Surprise, surprise…….  The girl is grinding and making out with some new guy, about to go home with him.  Of course, its because I upped her buying temperature FOR the guy.  FACK!!!

So I get the friends of the girl to drag her off of him for me.  Now she’s all up on me.  She’s mine.  But I leave for the bathroom for a minute, and I come back and watch the dude who was grinding with her pull her home and fuck her (I found out the next day, because I befriended the friends and called them).

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