Examining Different PUA Methods, pt. 2

So the distinction here between MM and Classic European C&F natural style game is that in the latter:

You can approach the target, so long as you hold the set’s attention so they don’t LJGD (let’s just go dance) you.

If you have the social value (you are dressed cool for the scene, and you seem like a cool enough guy for her to ALLOW you to engage her in this sort of flirting, so she’s willing to take the time to verbally spar/flirt with you), then you can run this sort of game rather than befriending, you blow out and out-alpha AMOG the people around you, to up your status this is a great way to “fool’s mate/ONS” a chick, and it can also lead to more, but it generates attraction so quickly that you can have difficulty with buyer’s remorse, and you also have a harder time shifting to rapport/comfort/connection.

Whereas in Classic MM style game:

You avoid the target, and hold the target’s peer group with total intrigue

They give you social proof because what you’re doing is intriguing, and this makes the target observe that you are socially proofed (you can also merge sets and get social proof prior to opening the desired set)

You use self-esteem negs to lower the target’s self-esteem, and crave your attention to re-validate herself.

You can phase shift into rapport more easily, because the interaction wasn’t “out of control giggly party mode”

You befriend the people around you, so they push the girl on you

You don’t get as many ONS/fool’s mate, although you still get it – the two are just more conducive to their respective outcomes, but that DOES NOT mean that you won’t get both GFs and ONS with BOTH methods, so let’s please not see retarded posts down the line from KJs who think that pickup is this black and white, because it’s not! : )

Now I know that Mystery and Style use a more classic MM style, where as I use a more European natural game style. In fact, because we all hang out, we have started incorporating massive amounts of each other’s styles into our games, and made them stronger.  I personally find that the European style game is harder to execute on the hardest targets, because if they’re hard 10s (models, strippers, and such), if you walk up and start going C&F, they’ll just ignore you.

They don’t give a fuck. Why? Because even if you’re ten times cooler than the average guys, guess what?

There are STILL a lot of very good looking, rich, socially proofed guys, who ALSO have your C&F type stuff down (they do it naturally), who will outgame you.

At the same time, how OFTEN do you see a hard HB10?  RARE. So I don’t focus on gaming them, although I CAN and know how. Still, it’s nice to know how to do it.

Take when I was in Whistler BC, skiing at BlackComb with Papa and Twentysix and Alphamale. This was a while back. I try to go C&F on this smoking hot HB10 waitress. I’m in my generic ski gear. She giggles a bit, but really I don’t want to mentally masturbate – it wasn’t really going anywhere.

Then I sit down, and I think “She’s just not a giggly girl maybe”. haa, WRONG! I just couldn’t accept that Mr. Coolguy PUA that I am, wasn’t coming across good enough for her. The proof? Ten minutes later, the lead singer of the most popular Canadian rap group (Swollen Members, a cool group that will be mainstream in the U.S. probably next year) walks in. He ignores her.  Haa! The dude doesn’t give a fuck. I personally know of at least 3 girls who have slept with this guy that I’ve met while I’m out.  This guy gets so much ass that he could care less about yet another HB10 trying to get with him. He just wants his beer and to chill with his friends after a long day of skiing.  Btw, I got a picture with him, and with Sum 41, and with The Black Eyed Peas recently. I use these in my photo routine now. I looked like a lame fan for asking for pics, but who cares – I wanted to build my photo routine.  Anyway, this dude has the social value to play up the active disinterest, and get her chasing him. MAN, this girl was chasing him.  Point is, if I would have just gone in there, and taken over all her friends and ignored her, I probably could have done the same (until the rap star rolled in I guess though!). But I went European style game, and I got her to giggle a bit and then lost her.

This is what Mystery means when he says “A 10 must choose YOU. You cannot choose a 10.” In truth, alot of 10s are “soft” 10s, and you can game them straight up.

But others, you need to play up the active disinterest, and takeover her social group and ignore her and lower her self esteem.

Concluding Points

Most guys on this site have piles of C&F material, but lack in intrigue based material. Having the ability to hold a set WITHOUT relying on getting them all giggly with shocking C&F type stuff is something that most guys on here are lacking, and need to cultivate.  I have alot of routines where I talk about fascinating studies that were done, or interesting things that I’ve seen that relate to the girls. I have cool bar bets and sh*t like that, or reflexology pieces, or cool pictures – all of which hold their attention.

These things don’t have the girls freaking out giggling, which doesn’t make for as flashy of a pickup.

BUT, it can make for a more solid game.

Most importantly also, it gets the girl chasing you.  One way to run a set is to entertain WITH your flirting. You can hold sets just by busting the whole set. The other way, you hold them with intrigue, and engage only the target girl with sexual subcommunication. Or in the classic MM way, you use active disinterest.

She’s thinking “This guy is really cool, and he’s a bit C&F also so he’s alpha, but mostly he’s really cool and he’s not interested in me and my self esteem is down because of the embarrassing things he noticed.” As opposed to a straight up European style game, where you just plow the sh*t out of her buying temperature with piles of C&F, and going for the jugular in terms of ONS, and if she doesn’t bite that same night, you have little or no connection with her and will probably wind up with a flake for the day 2.

At the same time, most of my game is a European based game, and I turn on the other stuff at different times. I use BOTH, and use them based on the type of girl and the condition.

I’ve seen Mystery try to play solid game on girls that I know he could have ONS’ed, and lost her because she wasn’t down with getting to know someone at this time.

At the same time, I’ll often turn great girls that could have been my girlfriends into party chicks that go mental, and then I lose them down the line either after a ONS or on the telephone.

We all have our own sticking points to overcome, and everyone playing the game (in real life, not the Internet) has real sticking points and places that they could improve. Anyone who says that they don’t have sticking points is probably not really in the field.

Guys might watch PUAs like Mystery or myself, and roll their eyes when we say that we have sticking points.

But we do. Because what we consider to be top game not just what looks good to others. It’s what we know is possible OURSELVES.  I’d encourage everyone to post about their sticking points actually.

More on styles of game next post.

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