The Mystery Method

Attraction + Comfort = Seduction. Each phase has three smaller stages under the Mystery Method by Eric Von Markovic (aka Mystery).

He then spoke about how you need to start off every interaction with a girl with attraction, and after attraction you must qualify her by asking her questions.

But as important as attraction is, Mystery pointed out that the game is played in the “Comfort” stage of the interaction, and that it usually takes 7 hours from meet to close (ie: sex). That’s an average. It can take anywhere between 4 to 10 hours, but usually 7 (6 hours of which are in Comfort).

He went on to break down his method like this:

Attraction + Comfort = Seduction

Each phase has three smaller stages.

Mystery Method

Attraction1. Open2. Female to Male Attract (Make the woman attracted to us first)3. Male to Female Attract (Find out what qualities she possesses and then use those to tell her you’re attracted to her)

Comfort4. Comfort 1 (Build Rapport)5. Comfort 2 (Go for phone number, build intimacy, hand holding, kino, etc)6. Comfort 3 (Heavy intimacy, kissing, making out)

Seduction7. Arousal8. Last Minute Resistance9. Sex

The next step to Opening was to install a “plotline.” Basically, Mystery said that you want to convince others that you and the target don’t get along. By not getting along with your target, you engage the others in the group. He also spoke about how you have to have your own style. He recommended being enthusiastic about what you talk about (enthusiasm is contagious). You have to possess a strong identity and convey that Identity quickly.

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