How to get Laid in the Next 30-60 Days (Part 3 of 3)

Here’s how to escalate…

22. The first thing you need before you EVER try to escalate is what’s called “incidental kino”. There’s, incidentally, three good kinds of kino – Playful, protective, and incidental. They’re all fairly self-explanatory, and all have different good uses. But only one is necessary. This is – Incidental.

The idea behind incidental kino is that it’s just that – INCIDENTAL. You’re not TRYING to make it happen, it just “does”. Couples have this all the time. When they sit next to each other, they’re very close to each other. They’re touching by virtue of their proximity. But neither of them is consciously trying to do it.

Some examples of incidental kino:

*Knees locked together as you sit on bar stools

*Brushing up against each other as you walk down the street

*Sharing an umbrulla

*Lining up your head next to hers and your shoulder touching hers as you point out something in the distance

******Sitting closely next to each other on a couch

The fact is, if a girl isn’t comfortable enough to be very close to you, she’s not comfortable enough to kiss you 95% of the time. So don’t “lunge in” to kiss her. It’ll freak her out, and rightfully so. (note: While drunk as hell in London, a mixed race young hot Korean girl with great breasts that I REALLY wanted to fuck lunged in to kiss me like this – I said to her, I kid you not, “I, uhhh, no, it’s not like that. Let’s just be friends” Then I was like, “Damn, why did I do that!” The answer – Because I was SHOCKED AND SURPRISED – it’s why girls do it too guys)

So, get incidental kino first. “Invade her space” a bit. Do it right on open. Be a little closer than most strangers would be. Touch her a little here and there, but the idea is for it to look like just happening. If touch breaks off, no problem.

But before you try to kiss, you should be SO CLOSE that you can simply put your finger on her chin, turn her head, and move only a couple inches (a few centimeters). No more. If you’re not that close – or she’s not comfortable getting that close – you’re not ready yet.

23. Closing dates.

If you’ve been doing everything right, you’ve been making friends with girls, and they think you’re cool and like you. They’re comfortable touching you a bit.

Now, just get it somewhere comfortable and relaxing conducive to escalation. The answer – A closing date.

A “closing date” is a date that winds up at your place or her place. There’s lots of ways to do this, but absolutely one of the best of all-times is to cook dinner together.

It lets her work and cook, you’re doing it together and it’s nice, and there’s lots of other advantages. After dinner, lounge on the couch together, put on a movie. If it’s at your place, have a blanket on or near your coach that looks like it belongs there. Ideally a big fluffy one (blankets are conducive to incidental kino, and makes the girl feel more comfortable being close to you and doing things).

After you get the incidental kino – on the coach probably – kiss. Enjoy the kiss. After you finish the first kiss, you MUST compliment her on her kissing (girls are notoriously insecure). If she’s not a terrible kisser, one of these two will always apply –

“Your lips are so soft” or

“Wow you’re a good kisser”

24. You’re kissing. Nice.

Now, most men try to go “Base to base” – First base is kissing, second base is getting her shirt off, third base is getting down her pants, and a home run…

This is wrong. All women are different. What you need to do is “kinesthetic sequencing” – This is where you find three spots on the woman’s body that turn her on without turning her off. You rotate between them, and then try to go further. If she says no to what you try to go, you back between your three spots, then try to escalate again.

Some women feel insecure about different areas of their body, or have bad memories about them. A lot of women with big breasts have had a lot of guys in high school trying to grope their breasts. So they might not let you take their bra off until after you start having sex.

So look for areas that turn her on, then try to go further. Be creative. Look around different parts of her body.

When you go to undress, it’s important that one article of clothing comes off. This is almost “symbolic” – oftentimes the girl won’t let any clothing off, but once one article is off, all bets are off. No pun intended, strange but true.

There’s two tricks for this. First, at your place, you could have take her shoes off at the door. This will make her more comfortable as well as shorter relative to you if she was wearing heels, and be the “symbolic article”. At her place, kick your shoes at some place.

As for clothes actually flying off, if you’re under the blanket or you’ve taken it to the bed, and she’s saying no, go to take your belt off. She’ll say no. Then you say, “Belt’s cutting into my side… taking it off…” and just do it, then fling it off to the side of the bed/couch like you would an article you just took off for sex.

A couple other things. If she says “no sex” say, “Cool. I like just kissing and cuddling with you” with a warm smile. Same for any variation of that, like “we’re not having sex tonight” or any such thing after you’ve started kissing (before you’ve started kissing, just say “okay” if she says that).

25. Some last things.

If on any particular day, the girl doesn’t want to have sex, don’t push her. Just chill. It’ll come, and you show you respect her if you don’t push and you actually like her. Be aggressive but not horny (the working out will help with this).

It’s VERY OKAY if you start working out and getting your life in order for the wrong reason – to get women. You don’t need to lie and say, “I’m going to hit the iron for me, rah rah rah.” You’re doing it to get laid. That’s cool. That’s why everyone starts. You’ll grow to love it and do it for the “right reasons” later. For now, do it for the wrong reasons but do do it.

This is “how to get laid in 30-60 days”. Not “how to get laid tomorrow”. In two weeks – yes two weeks – of hitting the iron, you’ll feel stronger and walk more proud and taller. If you take your time and don’t pressure yourself with girls, you’ll be more likely to lay them. This gives you your best shot of getting laid.

After you sleep with a half dozen girls or so using the simple techniques here, come back and learn the crazy stuff. Get “good at the game”. Learn techniques and finesses and everything else. But if you’re a guy that doesn’t want to sell out who you are, use a bunch of crazy stuff, and wait a year+ to see results, go simple like this. The first six notes make you the kind of guy that’s going to appeal to at least a few women. It’s a lot easier to get laid being a guy women want to have sex with instead of a guy they don’t. Trust me on that one, because I actually put in the time and got good at doing it the painful way, and was apalled at how easy it was to get laid if you’re the kind of guy a woman wants.

It does take some time though. This isn’t a magical fix. Like anything else, the real answer is hard work. Hey, I like to keyboard jockey it up here with acronyms and theories and whatever else too, and if you’re here for entertainment purposes, there’s a lot of entertainment here. But if you want to get laid in the next two months – and get laid a lot subsequently if you can get this down – here you go. You got this one, homie. Let me know how it goes.

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