Seduce Her in the Proper Location Pt. 2

Right, so the ONLY other way is to mix rapport and attraction, which can be done effectively. Guys will also post back “you don’t need to DIVIDE rapport and attraction.. the two can be MIXED”

That is FINE for some guys, but many PUAs can get girls wetter than wet within about 1-2 minutes.  If I want to play fool’s mate, I can have girls so wet in under 2 minutes that they freak out or cry or totally lose it.  This isn’t hard for field-experienced PUAs, though it sounds bizarre and impossible to a lot of guys who haven’t seen it and can’t grasp the context.

So YES attraction and rapport is divided.  If you think its not, then you either don’t have the attraction abilities to move attraction that quickly, or you have a slower style.

If you have a slower style then that’s FINE, but THIS POST is under a model that I’m working under, which means that I have to know when to pull back and when to unleash. If you’re using THIS model, then this stuff is KEY.

In conclusion, if your game is TIGHT, then why not just focus on getting her alone AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, and holding back your big guns for when you have her alone?  Then sex her right then and there.

Instead of this bullshit like keeping her in state for the 25 minute car ride home, etc etc etc.. which all this AVOIDS.

For example, you can read old field reports of mine where I pump the chicks with C&F, and we get up to go to leave (with whatever pre-supposition usually, even though its obvious).  Then if I keep it up as we walk to my car, we leave together – and its fully on.  But if things stale for even a second, BOOM they flake.  Like even on my way to the car, cause they come out of state.

I think “TD&26 vs. dumb club chicks” might have been an old report like that, but I’m not sure.

Alright, so the BIG QUESTION:  How to get the chicks to leave with you without the whole sex intent thing.

Obviously this is very counter-intuitive.

The thing is, that you’re STILL kind of gaming them, but in a way where you’re not getting them so wet so fast.  Even though you’re focusing on rapport &  fun (especially fun in college, but rapport elsewhere I’d say), you’ve still conveyed that you are an attractive guy EARLY ON, when you used attraction to get her attention in the first place.

**So you are in the FRAME of being an ATTRACTIVE GUY, who is simply not GAMING her at THIS EXACT MOMENT.

You want to come off like a guy who is more than capable of getting her all wet, but who is COOL ENOUGH to not do it right then and there, because he’s not “slime” (as girls would say).  So she has the INTEREST to stay with you, but minus the whole player-hater shit.

The girl will STILL leave with you (or offer up a #, with intent to see you again) on account that you ARE attractive….. EXCEPT, she won’t get BUYER’S REMORSE by doing DUMB SHIT THAT GIRLS DO WHEN THEY’RE SUPER HORNY… !

Get it? 🙂

When you get girls all hot and wet in the club… dude, I KNOW you know what I’m talking about, just from your posts.

The chicks do all this slutty shit, and they REGRET it when they come out of state.  Even if its just GRIND you, or just show too many IOIs which embarrasses them later when they think back on how obvious they were about it.

So instead, don’t LET them do the shit that they’ll regret, by FIRST getting into the DESIRABLE GUY FRAME to get them chatting, but then just hang with them and have FUN chilling out or whatever and getting to know each other.

STILL though, get to know each other in a way where you’re still the money shit, not showing all your cards or whatever and not being needy (AoS style, I guess to some extent).

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