Quick and Effective AMOG Tactics

I used this twice last night.  When lameass AMOGs try to approach your set, you smile and say “Dude, she just broke up with her boyfriend”, and raise your eyebrows like ‘go for it’, kind of thing.

They girls are like “SHUT UP!  I DID NOT!!” and jump on you and start hitting you.  It’s funny shit.

One thing Dreamweaver pointed out to me, was that if you make suggestions about the girl doing things with the AMOG, that she is not at the buying temperature to be ready for, its an out-alpha, since she isn’t ready for that, she’ll squirm at the thought of it.  The dude will see it, and feel deflated.

Also:  TUG OF WAR –

If you are playing tug of war with another player, and he has her, DO NOT try to REASON with the chick to go with you.  Literally just spit more game at her, right in front of the AMOG.  Some people aren’t clear on this obviously, as I realized seeing Twentysix get his girl that wanted him fucking bad, go home with another guy, after he left her with too long of a takeaway.  He was FULL IN with this girl.  Fully on, greenlight for full monty.  But he ditched her for 45 minutes and some goodlooking natural scooped her up.  She even begged me to help her find him, but I didn’t know where he was at.  By the time he came back, she was leaving with AMOG.  He could have gotten her back by telling loud stories at her, and doing DHVs.  She would have been interested, and would have ditched AMOG.  But he lost.  Lesson learned.  I’ve learned this one the hard way MANY times.

You do this by literally smurfing the AMOG out of your reality.  You just plow the girls, until they jump off of him, onto you.  If he says anything, just laugh at him, or drop an AMOG blaster line on him, and then continue like you don’t even know he’s anything more than a 5 year old kid.  Then say “Check this out.  This is awesome.  C’mere”, and pull her away from the AMOG.  She’ll protest because she wants to fuck AMOG, but you just pretend you didn’t hear, and rush her away from him.  You can also grab another set of UGs and tell them to go meet your best friend, the AMOG, and that you’ll be right back.  This may distract him long enough to get her away from him.  Her buying temperature will be fully primed, so you can extract and lay.  This is field tested many times.  I love this kind of stuff.

If They’re Persistant

If he persists, poke him and call him cute and shit like that, and KEEP going with the DHVs and stories.  Then say he’s weird, and pull her home.

Should AMOG really persist, your last resort is to say “Dude, go get a helmet and some crayons and go to the corner and keep yourself busy.”  Variations are to tell him what to draw like “Dude, draw me pictures of that cool Tommy Hilfiger shirt, so I can go buy one.. It fucking rocks man, go draw it.”, or the variation where you get him to go for rapport with you and then you break it.  Like “Dude, OK seriously I was kidding around before and I’m not trying to mess with you.  But I actually have like the best intuition for you, and I want you to hear it.  Do you want to hear it?”  When he says ‘yeah’, then tell him what to do.  Most guys won’t fall for this, but if you detect he will, he looks doubly stupid for taking you seriously, and he’ll be deflated instantly.  This backfires if he declines, in which case you fully shut him out and never address him again unless its to say “Dude, why are you talking to me.  You’re fucking weird man.”

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