Getting Tonality Right, pt. 2

More on tonality:

When I’m on the phone, I fractionate between fun C&F shit higher energy stuff, and HARDCORE slow deep pimp bedroom talk.  In the past month I’ve gotten it so down that I secretly 3way call girls that I’m seeing whenever another PUA calls me, just to show it off.  Maybe I’ll post some recordings, because one of my girlfriends knows about this, and she probably wouldn’t mind if I told her after and asked permission.  I’ll see on that, but please nobody email me.

In fact, in the past 3 months my tonality has become something I’m most known for.  Like I have weak points and strong points in my game, but I think that is one of my stronger points.  Also my facial expressiveness.  Guys will meet up with me and ask to tape me and stuff like that.  Funny thing though, is that once I got to that point, that’s when my game went up bigtime.

This shit is totally counter-intuitive. It’s funny, because I was always depressed when I was younger, like “fuck, I’m skinny, not the best looking.. but to make it even WORSE, my voice isn’t even deep”

So once I figured out that PROJECTION is more important than DEPTH, I was really happy about that.  Girls started complimenting me all the time and shit like that.  Also, despite what was said in that thread about Style’s and Mystery’s voice, they both have MONEY voices for pickup.  Like Style really worked at it, and I noticed it last time I met up with him.  His voice was really resonant and cut through the noise at the lounge that we were in.  I was really impressed actually.  He just got this skill in the past few months as well (I understand he took or read a course, though I’m not sure which one).  The video was from a Sony Clie, which had bad recording quality and also was prior to him taking that course.  Mystery is the same – if you read testimonials you’ll see shit like “Mystery yelled something at the girl across the bar, and she ran over”.  Both him and I can YELL DOWN girls from over 30 feet away, and they get stuck in it like a tracter beam an they run over and start shooting indicators of interest instantaneously.  It’s one of those freaky workshop things that I’ve learned to do, just to hotdog and impressive the guys taking it (kind of like rapid fire makeouts – somewhat pointless but impressive to watch just to shatter your cognitive model of what’s possible).

Anyway, Style was just being unconfident when he agreed with those criticisms ages ago that his voice was weak.  Style if you’re reading, props man your tonality is insane now compared to when we first met.

This is one of those things that needs to be practiced in the field for you to get a proper handle on it. In that way, it’s just like EVERYTHING else we do. So get out there.

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