Getting Tonality Right

Any guy who thinks he’s going to pickup a girl in a high-stimulus venue like a club with frollicking hotties everywhere, using slow deep seductive tonality is out to lunch.  Not going to happen.  Deep tonality doesn’t cut over the noise.  Focus on projecting.


Get them horny in a place where you can actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Do NOT rely on them being horny in order to isolate.


Just get them into you enough to get them alone. That doesn’t mean to squeaky voiced dancing monkey.  Convey that you are still the shit.  But don’t RELY on them being ready to fuck you as a tactic to isolate.  Just show them that YOU are where the party is at, and then go Gunwitch-style (phase shifting) on them when you have them alone (either in isolation rapport building, or in full extraction..)

Example 1)

PUA: Let’s go over here

HB: OMG, I’m so wet and horny, I can’t resist.. Screw my friends who can tell all of this because of my girl eye codes.. I’m going anyway!!  Forget my reputation!! I don’t care anymore, this guy just has me so wet, he’s so sexy!!  Who cares if I’m branded a slut for life!!


Example 2)

PUA: Let’s go over here

HB: OMG, I’m having so much fun, let’s go..

Then, once alone:

HB:  Oh wait, all of a sudden I just realized I want this guy because I’m an emotionally driven creature, and my emotions change so much because I’m a chick that what I thought previously is irrelevant, especially since I thought nothing negative and the guy is clearly socially proofed and has alot going for him..  well I’m alone with him now, so I can go for it becaues there’s no consequences.. (this is caused by PHASE SHIFTING, since as Gunwitch writes, once you project it she will RECIPROCATE IT.. so do it in the RIGHT PLACE)


Time It Right

When entering set, you have to have either EQUAL or SLIGHTLY HIGHER energy level, or you are a BUZZ KILL.

Girls in clubs don’t give a fuck if you’re slow and sexy.  Yeah yeah, girls love sex blah blah.. In the real world, if you go in all James Bond in a venue like that you’re blown out.  How do I know?  I’ve field tested it a zillion times.  Christ, girls are ALREADY made horny FOR YOU once they’re in the club anyway, just from the alcohol and grinding.  So your focus should definetely not be that sort of thing.

In clubs or nighttime venues, just focus on having fun and conveying a shitload of amazing/attraction qualities about yourself.  Then the girls will realize that they want you on their own accord.

Go slow and deep when you’re ready to phase shift.  That makes it just that much powerful and make a bigger impact.

More on this next time!

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