How to Convey Standards

This has been so key for me. One thing David Shade has always told me is to know what you want in a girl, and not be afraid to tell her. He does this as a way of seeking out really quality girls, particularly because he has particular wants given his sexual background. I’ve heard nothing but great things about his Manual, btw. I haven’t read it yet, but have heard very consistently good reports from many people.

I turned this concept into a routine where I basically get girls qualifying themselves to me. It is very powerful.

What I do is once a girl is totally into me, I start randomly telling her things I don’t like in girls. I’ll also tell her things that I do like. I’ll tell her things that I think she has, but not things she OBVIOUSLY has, because that is transparent. I’ll blatantly tell girls I think smoking is disgusting, and I think drugs are ridiculous. If the girl does drugs even heavily and is an addict (also known as a typical model here in LA), she’ll almost always get embarrassed and say “Recreationally I think its fine”, and I’ll say “I’m recreational too, but I just can’t stand it when I can’t chill with a girl during a Monday afternoon and she’s saying ‘hey, got a bump?’ Fuck, all the girls I date down here have plastic surgery and use massive amounts of drugs.” (This conveys I have dated very hot models, but am sick of it). I also say “Are you one of those girls who can’t chill for even two seconds, and needs stimulation like non stop like a crackhead?”

Also useful is that I screen her on shit that is somewhat obnoxious, like her school and educational background. Like I’ll say “You went to school, right?” and “OK, what did you study. Are you smart? Do you have a lot of friends?” A really funny one lately has also been “How old are you?” If they say that I’m not supposed to ask that, I say “I’m not supposed to only if its the wrong age. You guys look about fourteen and a half. Is that right?” Notice that this kind of question is something a hot girl would ask in a second, and WOULD screen a guy based on it. I also use something called “Get-it factor” routines, which I’ll post about later. Basically, I tell her about cultural/musical/philosophical/fashion ideas and standards that I have, and get her to qualify herself to me that she has them too.

AGAIN NOTE: I use these if I think the girl will PASS. I don’t say to an obvious introvert or dumbass “Do you have friends? Are you smart?” To a dumbass party chick, I’ll screen on OTHER things, like “Are you one of those girls who want to sit around instead of go out and have fun?”

Note that its good to use 101-push/pull type stuff, to keep them in state while you do this. Like note that the curiousity routine is “You’re either like the coolest person I’ve met in a long time…….. or like a total weirdo.” This 101’ing is what keeps them all psyched up.

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