Great Ways to Deal With AMOGs

Okay, more thoughts on tactics. Once you get the guy to qualify himself to you in any way (like he tries to make friends), rather than being nice, IMMEDIATELY cut him out of the circle.  Just cut him out.  You’ll notice trying to SHUT YOUR GAME DOWN by bombarding you with logical questions.  They’ll start pummeling you with logical stuff, so that you have to answer him the girls fall out of state.  For me I found the solution was just to say “hey man, don’t get all scientific on me.. we’re here to have fun..” and then immediately start gaming the girls again.  btw, if I’m out with any of my GFs at a club, and another guy hits on them, I use the same tactics on AMOGS to stop them.

When you cut him out of the circle, he’ll either leave (too deflated), or he’ll try to grab your shoulder and say something like “don’t turn your back on me”.  From there, the girls think he’s creepy, so you say “hey guys, this dude is creepy.. are you friends with this guy?? did YOU bring this guy here?”  The girls will say “no no no, we don’t know him”, and you say “OK, let’s get out of here”, and put out your arms for them to grab.

Then walk away with the girls on your arms, and if you want (I do this alot) turn around and have them both kiss you on the cheek and wave the AMOG goodbye.

Get the AMOG to work for you

Also, you can USE the AMOG’s WORK for yourself.  Like he lines ‘em up, you knock ‘em down.

This is something I do alot.  I let a guy pick a girl up and increase her buying temperature, then I go in and outalpha him, say he’s creepy to the girls, and then remove them from him.

The girls are already aroused, so they are still in state based on what the AMOG did.  I can do this like maybe on 90% of sets I approach where a natural AMOG has gotten far with a girl.

Basically, I just make the friends of the girl who is getting gamed on by the AMOG like me.  Like, they want me, but they know they’re not qualified but their friend is.

Then I say “Hey I want to meet your friend so much, but that touchy grabby lean in guy is all over her.. is she just being nice, or does she really like guys who lean in and touch and do all the ‘whats your name’ fake ungenuine stuff?”

The girls are invariably like “no no, we hate guys like that.. that’s why we love you so much blah blah”, and then you get the FRIENDS to literally REMOVE the hottie that you want from the AMOG who is conveniently heating her up for you and saving you the hassle.

Some questions:

1.What would you do if you are with a chick and she is not yet into you and a AMOG upsurps you..would your tactics work then or is there another method?

At this point, my game is based around the assumption that all girls I approach will be into me, unless I made an error.  If they’re not though, I suppose I’d probably try to exploit the alphamale as something I could use to convey higher value in front of the girl, and hope that she sticks around to watch

2.What about guys that say nothing to you and then put there arm around the HB you are sarging or hold her hand?

I’d say “wow, you guys are so cute.. you look like brother and sister..”

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