Guide to Buying Temperature, pt. 2

There are many examples of chicks trying to throw themselves out of state when hitting buying temperature, but then by passing shit tests it is actually amplified: Chick feels herself getting horny. HB: “You’re a player”. PUA: “Yeah.. so what is it that turns you on so much about players anyway” (Response works firstly because you didn’t disagree, so she can’t get mad for you lying to her and break her own state, and secondly because you say something COCKY, which hits her emotionally, and therefore raises buying temperature)
EG: Chick says “we shouldn’t be doing this”… PUA responds “yeah, we shouldn’t be doing this” but KEEPS going.

In both cases, the chick feels her buying temperature increasing unusually rapidly (because of the PUA skillset), and tries to stop what’s happening.

When Buying Temperature is hit too quickly, it is called FRYING OUT HER CIRCUITS. This is like when chicks giggle uncontrollably and run away from you even though they like you, or when a chick is at a rock concert and starts screaming and crying when the rockstar comes out. She has hit buying temperature so fast, her circuits fry out and she freaks.

“Routine Outcome Dependence” is a phenomena where you’re too HOOKED on seeing chicks increasing buying temperature. EG: “Calling a chick a powerpuff girl will make her giggle”… So when a chick isn’t giggling, you try to FORCE it by calling her a Powerpuff girl. EXCEPT, she KNOWS that not normal to say that to a chick whose all serious, so knows something is up (this is actually the 26th ‘trying too hard to qualify’ thing I guess – routine outcome dependence). The SAME goes for when she’s all serious, and you try TOO HARD to seem happy and fun. She KNOWS that you’re doing it to get with her, and it doesn’t make sense. That does NOT mean state match. It just means MODERATE and don’t appear PHONEY. Most Buying Temperature tools are to be used to AMP a state that you see building. She starts giggling a BIT, and you call her a powerpuff girl, and now she giggles a LOT. If she’s not giggling AT ALL, then maybe it was the wrong time. She DETECTS that you were consciously TRYING to increase her buying temperature, and blows you off. Field experience is KING, nobody is above it. Field experience helps us to develop an INTUITION of WHERE and WHEN to use the particular material.

(First, remember that there are PRECONDITIONS to a girl even being OPEN to you start to affect her this way. For a set of HB10s, theyoften may not even ALLOW themselves to be affected by your game, unless you have social proof or status somehow.. Likewise, even fora lesser HB7, if you are smelly and fat and gross, she won’t be open to it, even if what you’re doing is proper tight game, so you need to do a bunch of other things right before you can do this.)

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