Guide to Buying Temperature

Focus on pushing girls into BUYING TEMPERATURE, recognizing it, and ESCALATING.
-buying temperature levels

Chick is unresponsive. Ask questions, she says “I don’t know” or “no”, or any blowoff answer. She holds tense shoulders, and if you say “high-5” or try to physically displace her in any way whatsoever, she says the words “I’m scared / you’re scaring me / etc”. This does NOT mean she is physically afraid. This is like a chick saying “not yet” when you go to kiss her too early in the night. She’s JUST saying “I’m not at buying temperature yet”. A chick who is locked up cannot even move or give a proper answer for a million dollars. She is locked up. Causes of lockup can be that she sees her friend hitting buying temperature for you too quickly, and she doesn’t like it, or that you have conveyed too much eagerness too early.

She is now OPEN to being gamed. Girls KNOW what you’re doing when you run material. They may not know its pre-canned, but they know what it means when you tease them – its SEXUAL COMMUNICATION and they know what’s up. If a chick is locked up, she isn’t even OPEN to this sort of communication. Once unlocked, you can now begin gaming.

Chicks become UNLOCKED when you don’t telegraph interest (check the 25 points checklist), and therefore trust your intentions. Also,
when you CONVEY PERSONALITY, and they therefore can FILL IN the canvas of your life, they increase trust. SIGNS of chick being unlocked – KINO TESTS. Hold out your palms upwards. If she puts her hands there, squeeze them. If she squeezes back, she’s unlocked for sure. Likewise, tap her, if she taps back playfully, she’s unlocked and sexually engaged probably.

-enough for her to sit there while you game her
-enough to show an IOI like a giggle
-enough to show an IOI and kino you
-enough to show alot of IOIs and ask you questions
-enough for you to venue change her
-enough for you to kino HER, and give her IOIs, and she still likes it (usually after qualification phase, because she now feels she EARNED your attention, rather than you just want to fuck her like every other guy on the planet)
-enough for you to get physical with her
-enough for you to fuck her

As EACH Buying Temperature increase, the chick will usually SHIT TEST you, as a way of TRYING to throw herself OUT OF STATE. She shit tests by doing things that if you react too seriously, she’ll get upset and therefore be thrown out of state. By passing shit tests,
Buying Temperature is AMPLIFIED. This is like when Eddy (whitedragonPUA) posted about his HBRugby Lay report. She kept punching him all night. After he laid her, he asked her why. She said “I just thought you’d go away”… She knew she was hitting buying temperature, and didn’t want to succumb to it so she shit tested by hitting him and hoped that he would back off and she would come down. Think back to when you tried to kiss a girl on a date, and she said “NOT YET”. She doesn’t mean NO. She ONLY means “I’m not at buying temperature yet.. Give me more gaming”. Likewise, you try to venue change a girl, and she says “No. But I still want to talk to you”. You keep gaming her, and a few minutes later you change venues. This was because you tried to ESCALATE PRIOR TO ATTAINING THE RIGHT LEVEL OF BUYING TEMPERATURE.

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