Guide to Buying Temperature pt. 5

SIMULATING THAT *YOU* ARE HITTING BUYING TEMPERATURE: “What’s your sign? OH MY GOD I LOVE LIBRAS.. Oh god, I can’t talk to you.. you’re trouble” (turn away, just like girls whose circuits fry out.. you’re TRICKING them to think you’re doing what THEY do, since chicks do this shit all the time because they hit buying temperature for retarded arbitrary shit like astrological signs and colognes and shit like that)
FAKING LOCKUP AS PUNISHMENT in ‘Punishment/Reward’: If you’re in comfort building, FAKE the symptoms of lockup. She’ll understand what it means when she’s like “TD, are you OK?” and I say “I dunno” just like a chick would when she’s locked up. She’ll grab you and start talking to try to unlock you. For example: HB “I like oranges” PUA “What? Apples. Apples are gross..” (pretends to lock himself up) HB “no no no, I said oranges! Oranges!” PUA “oh shit.. I love oranges..” (pretends to unlock) Congrats, now she’s chasing you.

FEAR OF LOSS TO MAINTAIN STATE WITHOUT INTENSE EMOTIONAL UPS AND DOWNS: Some guys complain that in rapport phase (now called “comfort building phase”) the girls come out of state. By using punishment reward bit, she’ll be chasing you. But ALSO, building in FEAR OF LOSS is effective. Think back to when a girl who you didn’t like liked you. Maybe back in high school or some shit. But then you realized that she never liked you. You LOSE the validation you got. You start to obsess. You start to like her. Likewise, you have a state relationship. But she starts to get into another guy. OH SHIT, you’re obsessing over her again. Or you make HER jealous, and now she’s back into you (even when it was stale). This is the power of FEAR OF LOSS. Fear of loss REMINDS us of how attracted we are. In comfort building, encorporate fear of loss and punishment/reward, so that you don’t suffer the phenomena of losing the chick at rapport phase (aka comfort building phase) because the interaction has lost its charge.

KEYS: If you FAIL to ESCALATE, the pickup is often OVER.

1) If you don’t stop busting on her, she looses interest after a while, because you’re being too emotionally intense for her. She needs COMFORT built into the high buying temperature you’re generating. This is why you get guys who are good at opening at attracting, but have difficulty closing unless its a party-chick. This is the phenomena of “OVERGAMING” ***Think of pickup as FOREPLAY. You’re ramping her up for something, the same way you would when you’re giving her oral or fingering her. You’re getting her PRIMED. If you stimulate a chick for too long before you fuck her, she gets BURNT OUT. When a guy puts a chick into a high buying temperature, and just keeps trying too hard to increase it beyond what it can even naturally go to, he has overgamed. Instead, build COMFORT into the state she’s in.

If you don’t phase shift out of comfort, she gets bored or something (maybe you’re beta or not interested)

3) Final escalation – ARGHHHH!! (I got burnt on this FIVE times, until I RECOGNIZED it) If you keep them SEXUAL but don’t escalate to FUCK them, its too intense for too long, and they say “I’m tired” or “I feel sick”. This is guaranteed. What happens is they get actually QUEASY from you keeping them sexual without fucking them for TOO LONG. If anyone else has had this happen, report back. Have you guys seen this before? Its JUST LIKE the “what’s your name” IOI. It’s something that CONSISTENTLY HAPPENS under specific circumstances.

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