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It should probably go something like this: ‘Hey, sorry to bother you, I’ve only got a couple of minutes because I’m on my way to a meeting / see some friends etc but I really like the shoes / scarf / hat etc that you’re wearing. It’s an interesting look, and it’s actually quite rare to meet a girl in London with an interesting look so I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t come up to you and say something.

That’s it. You haven’t given her a long rambling pickup artist type opinion opener which is essentially a lie. You’ve been honest, super confident, and you’ve put attraction into the interaction immediately which will increase sexual tension sooner, as well as being really quick and efficient!

There is so much to be said for a direct opener, and I personally wish I’d started trying them earlier in my PUA journey. If you go up to a girl, give her a direct opener, it’s a huge compliment, and if delivered in the correct way, there’s not actually that much scope for her to blow you out. Where as if you give a girl a canned opener, you can end up having a long conversation with someone which doesn’t lead anywhere, and is just a waste of your time when you could have been gaming other girls!

It’s not uncommon to hear a PUA break down the opening phase of an interaction to it’s finest detail, and come up with long complex openers which take an inordinate amount of time to learn and deliver, whilst also exposing you to the risk of looking unnatural and rehearsed. The direct opener may break some of the rules of pickup, but if delivered well, it’s a superb tool to have in your arsenal.

Here’s how the direct approach breaks down. Firstly, you’ve been polite and apologised for stopping her. AFC Adam insists there’s nothing wrong with apologising, going against the grain of the traditional pickup artist mind set, who argue that doing so makes you look weak and not ‘alpha’. Next you’ve given a false time constraint along with a demonstration of higher value, ‘you can only stay for a couple of minutes because you’re on your way to a meeting’, which will set her at ease that she won’t be stuck talking to a stranger for the next hour, and it demonstrates that you’re not jobless and wandering the streets!

The next important thing to remember is to say that ‘you’d be kicking yourself’ if you didn’t say something to her which is your justification for talking to her. You’re giving her a reason to interact with her, because she looks interesting. It’s not a generic compliment, and you’ve justified you’re reason for making a spontaneous approach, whilst not giving her a sleazy ‘you’re so hot so I just had to say something’ compliment. Top PUA, AFC Adam then goes on to facebook close her within a couple of minutes which is very impressive. He does so by saying that she SEEMS interesting and he MIGHT like to get to know her better. He’s not being too full on, and he’s inviting her to qualify herself early on in the interaction. Nice work!

Of course you don’t have to try and number close her as fast as you can, and there’s a lot to be said for staying in set for longer to build a solid interaction before getting her number. If you haven’t done a direct apporach before reading this article then start incorporating it into your game. It’s honest, quick, and exudes a great deal of confidence, which of course women find very attractive. It’s win win! You don’t need to try and be as quick as AFC Adam, he is one of the best pickup artists in the world after all! There’s no reason why you can’t do a direct approach and talk to her for a long time, and perhaps even get a spontaneous date out of it.

Personally don’t like to number close a girl that quickly, and would rather try and keep her in set for longer so that I can build rapport and number close after a solid interaction.

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