Guide to Direct Game

Currently, direct game is synonymous with “I like you” and “BE ALPHA” — So let’s rock and roll! 😉

mASF is full of simultaneously successful independent models which can be used effectively if congruent. We all use many models, and their strength is predominantly determined by their congruence to themselves. People have a tendency to gravitate to models that come naturally to them, or make immediate sense. This is great, and if I’m working with a newbie, I will usually encourage him to start with a model that he feels comfortable with. BUT, because I’m a SUCKER and OBSESSED with PU, I like to try new things all the time, and experiment with all kinds of styles. Furthermore, experimenting with something different than you’re used to will push your abilities, expand your model of the world and force you to grow in new ways.

For example, when I first met Dimitri, I was shocked. The first thing I said to myself was: “There is no way this is Dimitri.” Then I thought “There’s NO WAY this guy actually gets laid.” (No offense my man, just first impressions! ;)) My own success had come from a natural style heavily influenced by the predominant crews here on mASF, what I saw that day blew my mind. His style was unique and fresh. Completely spontaneous and completely his own, I could not correlate a single bit of his game with mainstream ASF game. He violated all the rules and had utter disregard for current models and trends. We would open a 3-set, and while I was demonstrating the power and consistency of opinion openers, Dimitri would come in and physically PICK UP ONE OF THE GIRLS AND SWING HER AROUND! And they LOVED IT! People walking by in the mall were shocked, but he DIDN’T care – no one mattered BUT HIM. That’s what being alpha really is – doing exactly what you want with no hesitation and complete certainty it will work.

So we spent most of the summer sarging for entire weekends. Starting friday evening, going straight until sunday evening – looking back it was probably not a very healthy thing to do, but I learned a lot from him, and hopefully he learned from me as well. Most of the time was spent in the malls and on the streets of Boston – it was pure, unadulterated daygame. As a result, I had to invent new models to even comprehend what Dimitri was doing. (My Balance attraction with value post is a good example, and actually is a recommended prerequisite to this post.) Over time, I have devised models for all kinds of things – models for natural styles, “indirect” styles, pimp game (of which my demonstration vs. verbalization post is a part of, along with making yourself physically scarce, being more interested in getting non-sexual things from her (See Dimitri’s supply and demand post for more on this), etc..), an assortment of different types of approaching styles, etc… but all that stuff is content for another post! 😉

So here, without further ado, is a crash course for the style of pickup I prefer most:


I. Who can use direct game? Why use direct game? Direct game is a game based on value and self respect. It is based on honesty and disregard for societal constructs. It is completely absent of any takeaways intended to manipulate interest, direct invalidation, and disrespect. I would suggest that direct game can be used by anyone ESPECIALLY newbie’s because of it’s simplicity, efficiency and congruence with the newbie’s intentions. People also like direct game because it allows them to persist confidently without pretending to be hard-to-get.

It is very effective on girls who have high moral standards and have not yet fallen into the party chick trap. Usually the girls are passionate about something in their life, and had maybe one or two long term relationships. It tends to be less effective on girls who have been emotionally damaged by countless other players who have desensitized them to value based attraction by repeated cycles of attention and indifference. They have already been exposed to intense and crippling physical attraction, and despite the fact that they know it’s bad for them, they cannot resist. There are also a lot of girls who have experienced this, but have decided that they do not want it anymore, and this method will work especially well with them.

On a side note, direct game is a GREAT FRAME for creating relationships. It can also set a good foundation for transitioning to indirect game or pimp-style game post conversion. Conversely if you start with indirect or pimp-style game it is near impossible to transition back to direct.

II. Indirect Vs. Direct Game The main differences between indirect and direct game are TECHNICAL ones. That is why direct is just as effective, but in many ways MORE efficient than indirect game. One difference is the frame of the opener. Early theories supporting the effectiveness of opinion openers stated that you are almost “using” the girl for her opinion, meanwhile demonstrating value to her in some way. Direct openers ASSUME already that you are of higher value, and your bodylanguage, style, tonality and facial expressions must be congruent with that. You are also demonstrating your direct INTEREST in the girl. It is not purely sexual or purely platonic, it is both simultaneously. If you fail to show SIMULTANEOUS sexual and platonic interest, then she will perceive you as too horny or too gay.

IMO there are two ways to deliver opinion openers. One is to FAKE DISINTEREST – appear more concerned with getting her actual opinion than connecting with her. The other way is using the opinion opener AS A FORMALITY, merely providing a context in which two people can connect. So considering the latter is the current theoretically correct indirect technique, we see that in opening, the only difference is a technical one.

The more pronounced difference in direct vs. indirect game is the fact that YOU ARE PERSISTING MEANWHILE QUALIFYING FROM A POSITION OF POWER. You are taking the initiative to make things happen and push the seduction forward. If you expect her to respond positively to your lack of indifference, you must NOT RESPOND positively to her indifference! If you are playing direct game, and she attempts to manipulate your interest, play games or otherwise disrespect you, you CANNOT RESPOND POSITVELY TO THAT! That is supplication, and supplication is no part of good direct OR indirect game. In general also, I must add that direct and indirect styles aren’t mutually exclusive and there is a lot of overlap. Good game is good game!

Direct: -Techniques which are congruent with interest. -Persisting with absolute certainty. -Qualifying from a position of power.

Indirect: -Techniques congruent with disinterest. -Letting her chase you. -Takeaways and general manipulation of attraction.

III. Beliefs / Mindsets / Frames As stated previously, self confidence and self respect are of utmost importance to direct game. Without these you will make the mistake of qualifying her from a position of weakness. You will tolerate her games, and persist despite her disrespecting you. Having weak beliefs is what causes people to make the mistakes of kissing ass, being overly complimentary and tolerating her shit, when they think they are “going direct”. This is not at all what it’s about. There is a balance.

The best mindset for using direct game is one of being alpha. This has been stated numerous times as the KEY to direct game. While I recognize it as an important element, it is not a complete methodology. Being alpha basically means taking what you want WITHOUT HESITATION. Think about when you are at home and you want food from the fridge. Do you hesitate even for a second if you’re really hungry?? NO. You just walk over and take it. When a mall full of women becomes your refrigerator out of which to feast, you my friend, have got it.

I use a slightly different frame with girls whom I am deciding to use a direct model with. While the annoying little sister frame is great for indirect game, the “Sweet little daughter whom I care about and protect” frame is EXCELLENT for direct. You are powerful but gentle, compassionate and caring.

IV. Body Language / Tonality / Facial Expressions As with any good game discussed here on mASF, slow, relaxed body language is important. The only difference is in the opener, you would face towards the girl as you deliver it. This is congruent with your interest in her. Tonality should be deep and resonant. Facial expressions varied and interesting, but relaxed.

V. Openers There are 3 different types of openers I use: 1. Hi, how are you? 2. You are beautiful. I would like to get to know you / May I join you? (Shark) 3. That shirt… (Wait for response) It absolutely looks great with your style! (Credit for this type of opener goes to Razorjack)

Your non verbal communication should be congruent with your interest. Of course your overall intention is clear in all three of these. Remember SIMULTANEOUS SEXUAL AND PLATONIC INTEREST. Deliver the opener and continue to vibing.

VI. Vibing and Connection

A. Traditional Rapport Vibing Vibing is about the energy of the moment. The feel of the interaction rather than the content. Vibing with a girl makes her feel like you have a natural connection. It is talking about ANYTHING or telling stories or jokes, even talking about work. YES you can talk about your work if you can VIBE. It is charging your interactions with emotion and tension.

B. Storytelling / Demonstrations of value. Typical storytelling and DHV models apply here quite nicely. I usually point people to Wilder’s storytelling post as a guide.

C. Screening Vibing should have a screening feel to it. By demonstrating that you are selective, have other options, but are CHOOSING HER, you create immense value for yourself and qualify her at the same time. See Neo-Rio’s recent screening post for more of this.

D. C+F (??) There is a debate whether or not you can use C+F and other slightly invalidating techniques in a direct framework. I DO use C+F with my direct method. There’s two things to remember. Firstly, the success of C+F is more girl-dependent than style-dependent. (Then again girls are also-style dependent, but less so.) If a girl responds well to C+F, I’ll use it. Secondly, the way to use C+F is in a gentle, playful frame. Your frame cannot be – “I’m doing this to increase attraction.” more – “I’m giving her the gift of laughter because I care about her.” Your words may be slightly invalidating, but FUNNY and you say it with a WARM tonality and set of facial expressions.

VII. Qualification Qualification is a HUGE part of direct game. It’s great to qualify on non-physical things like her sense of style, her humor, or the fact that she is real and genuine. The key to qualification is TO BE CONGRUENT WITH THE DELIVERY. When you tell her you feel more comfortable with her than any other girls you have met recently, your tonality, bodylanguage and actions BETTER BACK IT UP. Furthermore, having an incredible vibe with a girl is actually more effective than anything you can SAY to her. You are telling her you like her, and she believes you because she feels the same way!

VIII. Timing / Persistence / Space

I try to describe the timing for contacts and meets as “cool persistence”. You are up front about your sexual and platonic interest, but you’re not too attached to the outcome. It is being persistent on your timetable, and not giving too much importance to one particular chick. In general, see her once or twice a week and call two or three times a week. Once you have reached conversion, she will make the efforts to contact and see you, and it won’t matter what you do anymore. But before conversion, if she is disrespectfully non-responsive to your messages and calls, give her a break for a few weeks and try again.

Do not fear that persistence will come across as needy. It is not the techniques of direct game which lowers your value. The thing that lowers your value is telegraphing neediness. Any subcommunication of lower grade emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, or hostility through your tonality or actions will do this. As long as you take measures to cleanse yourself of these negative emotions, your communication will come across as powerful and confident.

Being physically persistent when in a girls presence CAN come off as needy if you are all over her and not playful enough. Also showing the abovementioned negative emotions while being physically persistent will hurt you in that respect. Best to physically advance with absolute certainty she will enjoy it. And if she doesn’t – don’t let it affect your state. Chill out, enjoy yourself and try again later.

Space is the way that doubt is introduced into a girls mind. It is not through invalidating techniques. Space amplifies the good feelings you gave to her when you were together. It is also a way of producing implicit social proof. Have a great time with her, and then be busy with your own life. Take your mind off of her. Let her feelings for you build.

IX. Conversion Conversion is what happens when you have had sex with her enough times (I’d say anywhere between 1-5 times) such that the physical pleasure she associates with you overtakes the society programmed fears and doubts that come along with being intimate. If you have used direct game, after conversion she will no longer flake or resist you, in general. This is because if you have used direct game, your success is dependent largely on your value. (Again, this is a reference to my attraction and value post)

The beauty is, you can start with the foundation created with direct game, and go in any direction you want. If you want to fuck other women, you can transition into the indirect game and make her compete to regain the initial attention you gave her. If you want to extract money and gifts from her, transition to a reverse supplication type of game. If you want to cultivate a healthy and fulfilling relationship, keep the direct game going and add tension as necessary. This type of versatility is just not present in other styles of game.


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