The Perfect Blend of PUA, pt. 6


Oftentimes, girls will be in a bad relationship, or have just broken up, or will not have gotten laid in a long time.  They are at a point where they just want sex.  They’re open to it.  If you approach enough women, you will find them.  You will have value to these girls, just by virtue of having a dick in our pants.  If they are down with the program, you can cut to the chase.

Likewise, you may be a sex fantasy to the girl.  Take a 34 year old woman.  Do you think that me, as a super cool looking 24 year old, has to game her that much?  No way.  She just wants validation that her hours in the gym have attracted a young toy-boy.  I can go in neutral, and just phase shift and spend a few hours just escalating kino and phase shifting, and we’ll have sex.  The same goes for extremely buffed or goodlooking guys, who get laid all the time.  They have no game, but they’re confident and cool enough not to disqualify themselves when a girl wants them, so they get laid.

Anyway, these are just a few examples.

I could post more, but I think its just common sense.

What I’m trying to convey in this post is:

1-      There are identifiable elements in almost all successful pickups.

2-      Some of these elements must be deliberately installed, while others are often taken care of for you before you’ve even gone in.  You therefore need not deliberately focus on them, for fear of visibly “trying too hard”.

3-      There is a sequence that typically works best, because typical pickup situations call for it.  However, many situations allow for you to mix and match the order in which you install the elements, or allow you not to have to install them at all.

I hope that this answers alot of questions as to stuff like “Should I compliment or not?” or “Is it ungenuine to go in with canned stuff?  Do I really have to use it?”, etc etc.  For guys who are worried that this stuff is too complicated.  ITS NOT.  This shit is fucking easy that I’ve posted here.  Very understandable.  Anyone who can graduate high school can understand everything that I’ve ever posted on this board.

What I’m saying is that it’s situational.  It depends on the circumstances.  All of these things that we use in PU are tactics that are used in certain situations.  There is no black and white.

Also, I’m hoping that this will encourage guys not to think so linear, and talk themselves out of easy lays by trying too hard to adhere to a set model.

**Like a big problem on the board is that alot of guys will try to do the A then C thing.  They pummel the girl with C&F and then go rapport.  The girls lose state.  But really, you can fractionate back and forth.  In fact, you can STACK A, C, Q, S ALL THROUGHOUT MIXED UP IN A BIG MESS.  Like you can start sexual with an AI (approach invitation), and then go into being playful, and then qualify her a bit, be more playful, build trust, tease her, qualify her, phase shift for a minute, push her off and be more playful, etc etc etc.. THERE IS NO SET FORMULA.  The examples that are posted by myself and others are just models that typically work, but in the real world it is not that black and white.

**I VERY OFTEN stack in qualifying throughout the pickup.  I don’t usually do it in one phase.  I also just go direct sometimes.  These are things I don’t post about, because they are so fucking basic to me.  But the point is that I don’t always adhere to the exact model that I often discuss on this chatboard.  I quickly figure what the situation calls for, and I use common sense.  I use the least amount of game necessary to get from waypoint to waypoint.

Understand why each phase in the model is necessary, and use common sense to decide whether or not to focus on them.

Play the game and have fun!

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