Gunwitch Method – Part 2

Part 2 of Gunwitch Method covers the most important thing to be learned from GWM: Sexual State

Section 10: Sexual state broken down.

Sexual state is THE most important thing you will learn from this guide. It is THE mind state you will be using to deal with women you want to sleep with. It is most likely the mind state you’ve had every time you ever sexed a woman in the past, at least as soon as the point came when you KNEW it was gonna happen. There is a certain “walks like a duck acts like a duck, must be a duck” dynamic working for you in the sexual state. If you act like her lover, act like you are in a sexual encounter and assume the behaviors and actions of a great lover, she eventually will start to think you are a waterfowl. Just kidding, of course she starts to go into the same states of mind from other sexual encounters she has had in the past, if she is at all attracted. This is what’s called “rapport congruency”. You can look it up if you want to read 300 pages of dime store psychology, but suffice to say, if all the actions and states are present your mind kinda starts to assume it’s the same situation, a milder form of “deja vu”.

Furthermore, when someone perceives something in someone, but isn’t directly told to them verbally by the person, they tend to think its THEY who are the ones imagining it – that it is comes from within them. That’s why I tell you later to not verbalize your sexual intent in any way, as when you don’t, she will more likely to think, “Why am I thinking sexually about this guy….hmmm I must want him or else I wouldn’t see him as such a horny guy.”

The “sexual state” is readily stepped into by imagining how you interacted with your last lover when in the bedroom before sex, or during pillow talk, and had a lustful desire for the woman. These are the things that it should encompass. These specifics are not to be used individually, but as an overall state that you go into when dealing with a woman. Read Bruce Lees Tao of Jeet Kune Do for an understanding of not focusing on specific technique but rather on overall strategy that encompasses several techniques.

My method has been compared to this type of “fluid” theory, contrasting other seduction methods that are closer to classical Karate, which focuses on memorized techniques that take longer to master, and are harder to remember under stress. What follows of more of a troubleshooting guide.

10.1 Sensual eye contact (EC). Proper eye contact with a woman is an important piece of your sexual state. The “bedroom eyes” are something you will need to convey during the encounter, since you want her to develop them as well, as she gets more and more comfortable with you and begins to mirror your actions and “vibe”. “Bedroom eyes” are also much more attractive than darting or fearful eyes.

10.2 Closeness, or for the nit picks “physical proximity” to her is also very important. Since you aren’t gonna be seductive or sensual standing 2 feet away from her, you need to be within 6-8 inches of her – VERY CLOSE. You slowly move into this as you sense her loosening up a bit. Of course good breath is a crucial at this point. Brush you tongue and FLOSS those back molars out so your mouth doesn’t smell like something that passed through the system of a morbidly obese 10-year-old boy. See “conversation” section for why not to say that last sentence in front of a woman, as well.

10.3 Touch her. Since touch is the first step in getting her comfortable with you as a sexual creature, you want to sneak this in slowly. A good progression is: hands, arms, lowers back, upper back, face (while whispering something to her) and hair, then thighs (hand placed but relatively stationary), and upper legs. You should NOT look at you hands as you touch her, as this alerts her to a “question” – “is it ok to touch there?” in dynamic. Also, her eyes will follow your eyes to the touching and it will be unnatural, thus questioned by her or rejected. Touching also shows that “confidence”, and may alert her to your being good with women, a fine lover, and confident lover. It demonstrates, “I am not afraid to touch women, because women like to be touched by me”, to her inner workings.Touch early on also is a HUGE time saver, if she is so uncomfortable with you touching her right from the start as to physically or verbally stop it, NOTHING you say or do, short of saving her life is gonna get her into a sexual state for you.

10.4 Tone of voice should be that of a sexual tone. You can’t run up yelling like Adolf Hitler at a nazi youth rally speech, or mumbling and stammering like Woody Allen. NOT SEXY. Not “talks like a duck”. Imagine you are talking to a former or current girlfriend in a bed and about to have sex. You soften your voice, you deepen your voice, you speak slower and with an inflection of optimism and kindness. Not your regular speaking voice but YOUR sensual sexual voice. They were right when they said “just be yourself” they just never told you what “self” to be.

Simply sliding into the sexual state will usually encompass the above behaviours inside of itself. Overall these are the medium sized chunks of sexual state, the large being “be horny”, and the small likely being to many to ever be fully understood. The small chunks may encompass micro facial expressions, body positioning, or even ESP (extra sensory perception) . Its like how knowing there are vitamins A, C, D in a fruit, and taking those things out and using them in a pill, doesn’t give you all of the undiscovered things that are inside a fruit that may be beneficial. We just KNOW A,C,D are essential for good health. It’s the same here, we know that sections 10.1,2,3 of this guide are the medium chunks of what’s essential, and we know that eating the fruit is essential (natural sexual state). Lets just live naturally rather than trying to condense it all into a pill or formula and ENJOY eating the fruit (being horny) that gives us all we need.

Now, advanced deal here. Not really a part of sexual state itself, but an obstacle to it sometimes and dealing with it for those without basic social skills.

10.5 State matching. Quickly notice her state before you approach, is she UP, kinda down, or laughing a lot? STAY in the sexual state, but keep your actions kind of similar to hers so as to not break her state entirely, causing you to be seen as intrusive (breaking rapport). You want to convey the sexual state, but you don’t wanna break her state either. This is another reason lone wolfs are easier to go for, as they usually aren’t in some kind of “group state” of ruckus or laughter ect. You can approach women in strange states by matching theirs once you get far more advanced, but go more for the calm ones at first. This takes a butload of practice to get down, but as I said this is a trouble-shooting section and not techniques to obsess on.

As an example of state matching WHILE conveying sexual state: Imagine your girlfriend just got home from work she’s EXCITED as hell about a promotion she got at work. Now you’ve been waiting all day to have sex with her, but you wouldn’t just walk up and go sexual on her because it might break her state and cause her to kind of reel back. Instead, you would put your arms around her and say some sort of “wow that’s great”, in about half the excitement level she has. This will curb her excited state slightly enough for her to begin recognizing your sexual state.So say she’s really down because her cat just died, you kinda get a little bit down too, but not completely as down as she is. This makes her kinda follow you into the less depressed state, enough so that she can pickup on your sexual state. She of course assumes it’s HER sexual state, since you aren’t saying anything sexual and she just perceives it. So, “I must be horny cause I’m so sad” or “getting excited about this promotion got me excited about other things as well” is what she thinks. Of course it works a little less on strangers than a girlfriend, as they don’t yet see you as a sexual outlet (except by virtue of being a man and having a penis). So it takes them some time to say “why am I horny for this guy”.Simple huh? No? Sorry, this last one takes some field practice to get down.

Section 11:What to say.

What you say isn’t that important – rather, its how you present yourself to her. Still you need to talk or be labelled an alien so here goes. Simple advice and techniques, as the sexual state, is FAR more important to convey than what you say to her is.

The opener, as I said can just be simple a “hi”, “hello”, or “you from around here” ect. Introduce yourself at some point with your FULL name, first and last. People used to do this and it had a touch of class, dignity, pride and authority. Now its like, “I’m Dan, I don’t have a last name I’m just Dan, I’m simple Dan “. Also being on first and last name basis is good, as she won’t feel like a “slut” for having sex with some guy who she can’t delude herself to think she knows. Get used to introducing yourself this way all the time and within 6 months it’ll be natural so you don’t have to think about it.Say her first name a few times after meeting her, like before a question – “Becky, how do you find yourself in Los Angeles?” Many psychologists say that hearing your name from someone builds a connection, as they usually only hear it from friends, family, and people they like. Don’t obsess on these small details, but if you can remember to work it into your convo, great. So long as its not at the expense of breaking your sexual state, and failing to convey that to her. Might be a buncha pop psychology bullshit anyway. Try to get used to doing it though, as it can’t really hurt anything and may help.The conversation. You don’t need to worry about what you aren’t saying to get into women’s pants. It’s what you’re saying to keep you -out of them- that you need be concerned about. Try not to swear so much you fucking asshole, its not really sexy. Don’t talk about puke, shit, piss, ejaculate, death, your horrid job, her horrid job, illness, religion, politics, rape, child molestation, pornography, or SEX (yes that’s right no sex talk, being sexual yet tactful with your words is what women call “subtle”, and as was mentioned, gets them thinking sexually EASIER than saying it outright). Nothing NEGATIVE. You don’t wanna talk about her problems or negative things, so if it comes up change the subject. Otherwise, she’ll tend to associate negative things with you. It’s the same problem that talking about romance and love ect, causes, except in reverse. You don’t wanna talk about these things that she associates as GOOD with you, because it will prod her to put you into a dating “make him wait” “start a relationship” frame of reference. The same goes for negative topics. You want the topics as neutral. People underestimate the power of just getting to know each other as a comfort builder between folks, so they complicate it with LOADS of “say this, say that” armchair psychology.

Just get to know each other as you convey your sexual state, and watch for hers to appear. “Where are you from?”, ” what do ya like bout the area”, “what’s your favourite TV show?”, “why do you like it?”, “what do you like to do for fun”, “ok well IDEALY what would you LIKE to do for fun?” (they never DO what they like for fun, but like to talk about it). Keep it light -> “getting to know each other before we fuck” kinda dynamic. More important to stay in sexual state than to try to “say the right thing” or “get her to think this about me by saying this” ect. Have some fucking curiosity about people you are gonna do the wamba mamba with would ya!!!!!!!! Her imagining you doing your hobbies, watching the same TV show, going out to the same drive in ect, gets her to imagine you as a normal person, not some guy with a van, ball gag, camera equipment, and a pistol outside waiting to lure her into the lead role of a “snuff” film.The power of “me too-ing”. Saying, “oh my god that’s so true”, or “me too I love that” ect even when it’s a lie, makes you seem more “meant to be” or “compatible”. This is the best verbal technique I’ve come across yet. Opposites attract? BULL, people hook up with people who are in the same kind of place mentally, or at least who are somewhat agreeable with their little “model of the world”.

Let her get to know you. If she’s at all attracted the conversation will get 2 sided within a minute or so.BIGGEST OF ALL, don’t leave, eject, walk off ect just because there is a lull in conversation. She may like you ALOT but she’s nervous and can’t think of much to say. You just haven’t verbally connected yet or found out anything about each other. Do you know how many people have lost the love of their life because they didn’t give it 5 more seconds???? 910,876,531 that’s how many! No I don’t fucking know, but GET REJECTED, don’t just walk off. “make the ho say no”Not a lot of conversation material here huh? Well most guys who are getting bikini models and strippers, as well as all other women into bed, have NO scripts, NO hypnosis phooey, and NO lines. They are just acceptably attractive enough, even slightly overweight, maybe a little short, maybe a kinda odd looking, BUT GO FOR IT! They don’t hide their sexuality and they persist where other men tuck tail and run.I commonly get snubbed, the cold shoulder ect or overall rejected with the women I have sex with right away, but I just persist and eventually things take a turn. You love to breath right? Well I don’t care how bad a fart is lingering around you are eventually gonna say “shit I love to breath I think its worth it to smell the fart”. Air = sex, bad fart smell = your love handles, bad teeth, short stature or balding head in this metaphor. Cyanide gas = morbid obesity, stinky armpits, deformities and such. They’d rather hold their breath forever = rather go without sex than have it with him.

Section 12:

Watching for her sexual state. As you maintain your sexual state and convey it to her (as you’re get to know each other), the MAIN key is watching for her to finally move into sexual state herself. THIS is when the iron is hot, and you must strike while that iron is hot. This is when you isolate her (as in lone wolf example, and in mildly unattractive woman getting guy alone example).The keys to recognizing her sexual state coming to be are again something difficult to explain but EASY to recognize. Good explanations are: she lowers eyes and smiles coyly at you, starts to look at your crotch or touch you back sensually, gets flushed and seemingly embarrassed (soon to be bareassed), and starts to stare “hornily” at you and play with something in her hands slowly. These types of things are strong indicators. As you deal more and more with women, you’ll get to know a sexual state in a woman more readily.Its kinda like you both are in sexual state, you know it, she knows it, she knows you know it, and you know she knows it, so its time to isolate and make bacon (had to add a tasteless reference in there, ask me about “hot buttered corn” some time while not in mixed company).

Section 13:

ISOLATE. You cannot have sex with women in public or in front of people with any consistency. If that’s your bag, try it with women you are already in a relationship with. You have to get her alone with you. ANY opportunity to isolate BEFORE going into sexual state should be taken as well of course.A semi-isolation is a good tactic at bars during the seduction stage. She will undoubtedly have friends with her who will up her social conditioning, AND try to ruin sex for the 2 of you out of jealousy or concern for her safety. This tends to happen BEFORE you’ve gotten her amped up sexually enough to snub them and come with you. At a bar, when you see a group and want one of them, WAIT for her to leave the herd, wait for her to be coming out of the bathroom (not IN as she may have to piss bad), wait for her to go to the bar to get a drink, wait for her to be ALONE to approach, and then try to keep her from her friends. Take her to the dance floor, ask her to another part of the club to shoot pool or talk (“its quieter over there”). In public this isn’t so easy, they will think you are weird if they catch you watching them. So when in public, if you’ve just GOTTA try for a girl in a group, get a phone number and chalk it up as a loss. Or, if you’ve got balls of steel, sit down and try it out. Then, watch in horror as the friends ruin it. In public, don’t try to entertain these groups to “get in”; it’s a waste of time that could be spent on a lone wolf.A full isolation (your house, her house, your back seat, a broom closet, a sex room at a party ect) is for after you see her go into a sexual state. What you say isn’t important, “lets save some money and go back to MY place and have some drinks” (at a bar), “I’m having a barbecue up at my place later you wanna come up and listen to some music for a while” (when in public), or “you should come over to my place and check out my weight equipment” (at the gym). Once they are in sexual state they are ITCHING for ANY opportunity, so you don’t need some smooth line. “Lets go in here” to a sales clerk as I opened the door to a storage room, worked once.Of course if a girl NEVER goes into sexual state for a long period of time, you just try to isolate her anyway and “make the ho say no”. NEVER eject. Always either get either a lay, or a rejection. Only TWO options. Don’t bail out by getting a number or something. The ONLY time you get a number is if she is totally strapped for time and making excuses of that nature, and in that case call her once and don’t think about her again. Basically phone numbers are for when you really don’t even care if you sex her or not, or you don’t care to expend the energy involved in the particular situation or dynamic.

Section 14:

The close. Once isolated, the words “why don’t you come sit with me”? or “why don’t you come lay down here?” are CHAMPION. Of course in a broom closet you just press up against the wall and start kissing. At home after you get her laying with you or sitting on your lap ect, you start to touch her even more at this point, stroking her hair saying it smells nice (HER HAIR YOU PERVS), you then get a good eye contact going and go in for a kiss, give her a soft light kiss with no tongue at first, keep this going until things progress to French kissing, give a good 30 minutes of foreplay to get her REALLY turned on so that she doesn’t give last minute resistance. Clothes don’t come off for 15-20 minutes, panties don’t come off for 25-30 minutes. Then you are on your own, I’m not godamn Dr. Ruth.

14.1 the last minute problem with sex. This happens sometimes, she’ll say “I don’t know you enough” ect. When this happens don’t get mad or upset ect. Just say, “I understand” or “ok, this is nice though huh?” then go back to necking and making out. Eventually go back in for the sex, if happens again say “I understand” and go back in for more kissing and making out, and repeat until it goes through. Hell even if she never gets ready, what have you got better to do than make out with some hot little number? You’ve got no real “make the ho say no” style of getting a close or getting a rejection to work with at this point, as she already has said no but MAY change her mind. DO NOT struggle or tug or bear weight on her at this stage, as that is considered rape. Use persistence not force, and you’ll be ok.

Section 15:Relations with women. This isn’t integral to the system just some advice I’d like to dispense, which you may find useful in dealing with women. I’m no relationship expert but these have been ideal ways of looking at things in my experience.

15.1 Relationships are really based on attraction. If one partner knows they can do better they will usually treat the other party poorly or not reciprocate the attention. If you are a “5” and want a long lasting relationship that you feel some love in, find another “5” with a compatible personality. Of course, you’ll know you can do better (with these skills), but you’ll also know they can’t.Less jealousy, insecurity, and overall hidden desire to get someone better. You get with a 3 and you are a 5, and you won’t feel much of anything for them in the way of passion and desire, so you’ll make them kinda miserable and insecure. You get with a 10 and you’ll know you can get another one (with these skills) but your attraction will cause you a rampant level of lust and desire that just isn’t reciprocated. That will just make you feel like shit all the time. Kinda the “only people I fall in love with don’t love me back” syndrome, so common these days.

15.2 In ANY relationship a good method to avoid pain, mess, and eventual heartbreak is to ALWAYS look at how you are being treated and how the relationship makes you feel. NOT at what you feel for them. To do this gauges the base level of passion and attraction she has to you. At the FIRST discomfort or pain caused by the woman in your life, LEAVE. Make her crawl back and apologize. Following this method will set boundaries that will last. You leave and won’t take her calls, and she has to crawl back to you crying the first time she yells at you, holds out sex or hurts you in some way, and there probably wont be a second serving of that dish. It’s hard to do, but it’s important to your well-being. Jaded? Flighty? No. I’d say smart, as it doesn’t drag out something that’s gonna end anyway, leaving you hurt worse than if it had ended sooner. ” It is far better to resist at the beginning than at the end” – somebody clever.

15.3 If a relationship goes bad, or hurts at all, and is dragging out as “friendship” or such, CUT IT CLEAN and you’ll get over it sooner. If you don’t it may drag on for a long time, with you getting degraded and rejected. These kinds of relationships drain you in all other areas of life, try to avoid them at all costs, but if you find yourself in one, RUN! “Work it out” with someone new, the next one with a clean slate who hasn’t pushed so far into your boundaries yet.

“When women love us, they forgive us everything, even our crimes; when they do not love us, they give us credit for nothing, not even our virtues” – Balzac.

15.4 When you are in the grasp of love and obsession over a girl always ask, “If I could have sex and a relationship (if I wanted one) with the next 10 beautiful women I see, would I forget that I ever knew the one I am with right now?” If yes, you would, you don’t love her. You are sex-addicted and probably putting up with way too much shit. Its time to have a showdown with her, unless she’s just a fancy of yours or a stranger of course, in that event its time to try to sex her. Also ask yourself when in an LTR or when being just friends, “if I could come and have sex with this woman as frequent as I want, but would lose ALL other activities and conversations with her, would I trade that?” If you would only want her for sex, don’t put up with her shit if she’s giving you any. Don’t waste time with someone you really don’t enjoy, when you could be out finding something more enjoyable and compatible, ALONG with sex in that time spent.

15.5 Women sooth issues. A break up from a long term relationship can be murder on your limbic system, self esteem and well being. The main reason for this is that you have mental issues you’ve learned to deal with. A woman comes along who not only makes your dealing with those issues easier, but quells them altogether. She makes you feel desirable to women, makes you feel like a good lover, makes you feel like someone worthy of love. She leaves, BOOM, you aren’t only missing her ability to quell these issues, but NOW have to learn to deal with them and get used to them all over again. Realize this. Use a pain filled break up as an opportunity to recognize and GET RID of these self esteem problems. Don’t be a co- dependant, always defining who is important to you by what gaps of yours they can fill (mind out of the gutter people), instead be a complete person (self help jargon I know). Seek the permanent company of people you WANT around you, not NEED around you. Eventually you don’t hurt anymore this way.

15.6 Grief as a rebound. OFTEN when you don’t want a relationship to end and it does anyway you will hold onto the pain as a means of not accepting it as REALLY over. You fantasize about the other person crawling back begging to be with you, because they’ve seen the error of their ways. Not a good idea, this only prolongs things, focus on YOU and what she did to “complete you” that needs to be complete on its own by your own rethinking of self esteem, goals and ability to succeed. Remember YOU are physically the same now as before you were ever hurting over this woman, only now you aren’t used to being you anymore, you are used to being you AND her together. The electricity in that brain of yours lies, true love is new love, not someone sticking around forever in order to fill each other’s needs. Romance writers of old are responsible for all the pain you’ve ever felt over lost love, remember monogamy and commitment, even the word “love” are a 100th as old as man, while sex and short pair bonds are timeless. No one ever killed himself or herself over losing a sex partner until someone decided co-dependant relationships were some mystical bond that must hurt when severed then told and wrote about it.

Just my thoughts on how to stay happy when it comes to love and relationships, tested, used, and approved by me, myself and I. Once I’m complete emotionally, ill find an emotionally complete woman to attempt a permanent bond with.Til then as temporary as possible hot sexual unions, and a little pain in completing myself through future failed relationships and finally the search for the emotionally complete, “semi attractive” woman looks good to me.


WILLPOWER is all you need in life. As a rule try not to fantasize period, fantasy is what tells your super ego that it has what it wants, because you “id” knows it isn’t possible. To purposefully fantasize, visualize and imagine things at length is to also tell the “id” that something isn’t possible. You must have some slight visualization of anything to create initial desire, but to actively fantasize will only cause you to see something as impossible in the form of diminished willpower. ACTIONS are SPARKED by thoughts, not carried out by them. Thoughts paralyze action after a while. My one life lesson, WILL to do what YOU want in life is all you need.

RECAP:Look YOUR best, see lone wolf, realize she loves sex, get sexually turned on for her, approach her in sexual state, convey sexual state to her, get to know her while in sexual state, watch for her sexual state, isolate.

Or even easier to remember, 1. be sexual, 2. watch for her sexual state, 3. Isolate. Those 3 things are all I take out into the field at a conscious level. The rest has to be filled in to each specific encounter and takes a little practice and time to get ingrained into you.

In my complete dynamic sex life course ebook I include missions and breakdowns of everything, to not only get you understanding all of this at intricate mastery levels but also put it all on autopilot so you don’t have to think about it.


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