She’s A Sexual Predator: Part 1

Here’s some more stuff that I’ve been into lately.. I find this stuff is pretty funny, so hopefully some guys can derive some use out of it.

If I had to teach guy game in under 10 minutes, I guess that this is probably what I’d talk about (along with the more important points from the 25 points of not appearing needy, because if you appear needy you’re usually blown out.. So say not the whole list, but at least not to peck in, or be too eager to touch or ask questions or have weird mannerisms that look desperate).

The method:  Show that girls are sexual predators, and then while chatting, keep going back to showing them why what they’re doing is just designed to take advantage of you.  That’s it.

Necessary props:  Badboy(croatian), Style, Kooper, and David D.. I stole and meshed together a bunch of ideas from them, and tinkered to turn it into a linear system for keeping girls chasing you from start to lay.

It’s pretty basic..

Do it however you want.  Here’s how I personally do it, but there’re infinite ways, within the frame itself.

Step 1:


Lay a STRONG humour anchor.  They have to be laughing out of their minds, so that you can keep re-using the callback humour through out the pickup.

“You know what?  I can’t even trust you guys.  Girls are predators.  Girls are SEXUAL predators!  Guys think that they seduce women and have all this power.  Yeah right!  Girls choose.  They choose.  The guys just dangle themselves in front of them thinking that they made it happen, but they don’t realize that its the girl who chose THEM.

Girls are predators.. They hold the cards.. Examine the evidence.

First, when a guy gets mad at his girlfriend, can he strap on his bitch boots, shove up his pushup bra, do up his hair and makeup, and head out to the bar and pull a girl home in under five minutes?  Yeah right!  It’s GIRLS.  YOU GUYS have the power to do that, not guys!  (wait while girls laugh).. What percentage of guys can do that?  Look at them (point at guys).. They’re leaning in and touching, making the girls all uncomfortable, but some of the girls like them anyway.. But the guys THINK its that they were aggressive..  So what, like 5% of guys TOPS can do what 100% of girls can do.

Second, girls are the only gender with one organ designed for NOTHING ELSE but sexual pleasure.  (wait while girls laugh)  And on that organ, there are ten times more nerve endings than anything a guy has. (wait while girls laugh)

That’s why, when GIRLS have sex, they go (put hands onto hair, and do the following very convincingly, like Meg Ryan “When Harry met Sally” style) “uhhhhhh…. oooohhh…. uhhhhhhh..” (wait while girls laugh hysterically screaming their heads off)


  • sets a humour anchor that can be re-used to keep them giggling throughout the duration of the pickup
  • gives you fodder to do “busting them on their manneurisms” stuff.. You can now tease them on their actions, and tease them on what they say, showing that its all designed to take advantage of you
  • provides a Kooper-style C&F roleplaying frame, for them to play in, that results in them seducing you
  • makes the obstacles/peergroup love you, because they think you’re really fun, and it makes them trust you with their friend that you won’t be pushy
  • establishes a frame that girls are meant to seduce guys, and its normal/cool/fun
  • conveys that you know the deal about social interaction
  • conveys that you know not to make girls feel uncomfortable by being pushy or trying to “seduce”
  • conveys that you probably ARE one of the 5% of guys who can pull a girl home, because just implying that you know what’s wrong with other guys’ approaches, suggests that you know how to do it right
  • mindfucks her into a frame where she’s becoming more sexually aggressive

steps 2, 3 and 4 next post…

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