How to Build Rapport

After I convey value, I move to building rapport. This is like a coal-train that has to be fueled. I pump them more and more with rapport. If you’ve read some of my other posts recently you’ll know that rapport is not always the strong point of my pick-up so I’m going to write it down now to try and reaffirm to myself everything I do.

With rapport, unlike conveying higher-value, I try to EASE her into it. This results in not coming off as one of those guys who wants to be “deep” *all the time*, and disarms any thoughts that she has that I’m messing with her, since the convo builds and builds.. It’s very natural that way, and I also enjoy it more myself.

Initiate playful kino, non-stop, so that the kino boundary is SET as NORMAL. Normalize the kino, or even play the kiss-game variation early in the C&F phase of the sarge (not relating to this post, as this is the earlier stuff).

1) light rapport
2) medium rapport
3) heavy rapport


-short vital stats thread (name/age/work/school/background)
-upbeat stories (friends / cute anecdotes / feel good stories / jokes / humour / show that you can be easy going)
-fun reads such as Ring Finger pattern, if done more as a routine than a nuclear pattern (RF pattern can also be a nuclear bomb used in heavy rapport, if done don-juanish, not just out of fun-interest)

-childhood regressions, how they felt
-finding commonalities
-exploring philosophies
-insecurities / vulnerabilities

-YES Ladder
-PREV (pre-researched EV, triusms, etc.see separate post)
-rather than E.V., I study the female psyche, and use the ‘truisms’ idea to discuss ideas that convey that I am the perfect man.. I am not like other guys, and convey that the problems that they had in past relationships won’t happen with me, through the ‘truisms’ discussion
-Instant connection pattern / transition to Love vs. Attraction pattern
-STACK and associate types of connections.. create massive yes- ladder, and then get her saying ‘yes, yes, yes’ to all your comments about connections, until you can draw the similarity between PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL connections
-REFRAME physical connections as simply a DIFFERENT brand of connection, but still a *LEGITIMATE* connection.
-natural woman pattern
-implicit idea that you and her are *ON* comes across, playful kino escalates

**Now if I can’t close the deal right there (logistical), then I REWIND and go back to LIGHT RAPPORT.

This is VERY important, because if you leave her as your last conversation being all “deep” and shit, then she feels weirded out by it since she feels like she has to RE-INITIATE this mentally- draining deep convo the next time that she sees you.

So the solution is to go back to just fluff talk for a few minutes before parting ways, so that she that it is natural when you see eachother again.


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