How To Kiss A Woman… Without Rejection

If there was a secret to kissing women you desired without rejection, would you want to know more about it?

Of course you would. What heterosexual male that’s sane wouldn’t?

Let’s up the ante, my friend…

What if a secret method existed for kissing attractive women minutes after meeting them without rejection?

Would that pique your curiosity?

Maybe you’re feeling a bit skeptical? You might be thinking, “Yeah right,” or “This seems too good to be true.”?

But if you were lucky enough to get your hands on a simple secret that gave you the power to kiss every woman you desired without rejection, looking back, wouldn’t you be glad you took a chance by learning this secret?

The good news for you is…

A few years back I stumbled onto, almost by accident, a method for kissing women without rejection.

There’s a good chance you’ve never seen or heard or read about what I’m going to share with you.

Some of my closest friends believe it’s the most power technology for getting intimate with a woman.

One refers to it as “The real Jedi mind stuff.”

You’ll have to make that decision for yourself.

Before I reveal this method to you, I want share with you a quick story.

I wasn’t born with these skills. I remember, back in the day I’d go out with a woman, drag her back to my place, and then…

Talk All Night Without Ever Kissing Her… Even When I Had An Inkling That She Liked Me…

…because I was afraid she’d reject me. Lest she’d turn my ego into a meat by-product to be ground up and pooped out by the Num Num snack factory.

Here’s a list of a few of the thoughts that would snake into my brain when I felt like kissing a woman…

– If she rejects me, it means she feels no attraction toward me.

– If she rejects me I’ll never ever have a chance with her again.

– If she rejects me it’ll confirm that I’m not able to attract women.

– If she rejects me the world will come to an end.

Back then, my success rate at kissing women was close to 100%…

…because I’d only go in for the kiss when I felt certain she wanted to kiss me… which, unfortunately, wasn’t very often.

I perused books on body language, struggling to figure out all of the signs women display when they feel attraction toward a man.

Those books, alas, frustrated me more.

Women, I lamented, almost never display these signs around me.

On rare occasion women did display attraction signals in my presence.

But I still didn’t feel certain they were attracted to me.

If they weren’t putting their little paws all over me and overtly telling me, “I find you sexy,” I wasn’t convinced they found me any more appealing than a big smelly fart.

Have you ever had similar thoughts?

Hmm. Interesting.

If you had the power to kiss any woman you desired without rejection…

– which woman (or women) would you kiss? – what types of women would you kiss?

And if you had the power to kiss the women you wanted, how would that positively impact your life?

Before I disclose my secret method to you, I want to share with YOU some of the mindsets YOU need to make what you’re about to learn work…

Mindset # 1: If She Doesn’t Kiss You Back, It’s No Big Deal…

Attractive women are used to men of all shapes and sizes making physical passes at them.

They’re used to letting men know they aren’t interested.

If you try to kiss a woman and she pushes you away, DON’T squawk like a b*itch or I’ll conk you upside the head.

Women aren’t going to view you as a grotesque piece of dog poo for acting like a man. In fact, they’ll appreciate it.

You’ve got more to lose, my friend, from not kissing her.

Attractive women know when men want to kiss them but feel scared. This turns women off – big time.

My advice: If you want to kiss a woman but feel scared, lean over and kiss her – ASAP.

You’re better off.

Mindset # 2: You’ve Gotta Believe She Wants To Kiss You…

If you’ve read my book you’re aware that what you put out into the universe is what you’ll get back.

You know: What the thinker thinks, the prover proves.

This couldn’t apply more to kissing women.

Believing a woman wants to kiss YOU is a surefire way to skyrocket the probability that she’ll return your kiss.

Women are experts at figuring out just how confident (or insecure) a man is.

Desire in the absence of the belief that a woman wants you is neediness. Women feel no attraction toward needy men.

When you lean in to kiss a woman while believing she doesn’t want to kiss you back, you’re setting yourself up for rejection.

Mindset # 3: Develop A Willingness To Push Your Comfort Level…

Maybe you’ve studied a library full of books on body language, memorizing all of the signs indicating that women feel attraction toward a man.

But perhaps when women display these attraction signals you don’t feel, in your heart of hearts, they’re attracted to you. I dunno?

This used to describe me to a tee.

What I’ve discovered is that when women display these attraction signals it’s imperative to push your comfort level by going in for the kiss… even if you hear your gut reaction shouting, “She feels no attraction for YOU!”

When you, for example, read or hear about these attraction signals, it becomes a possibility in your mind that when women display these signals, they feel attraction toward YOU.

But when a woman displays the attraction signals and YOU get up the gall to kiss her and she kisses you back, something magical happens…

It Becomes Your Reality That When Women Display These Signals, They Feel Attraction Toward You.

Your belief transforms from mere possibility into your full fledged reality.

Now for the main course: Swinggcat’s Method For Kissing Women… Without Rejection.

Has a woman ever displayed attraction signals toward you – twirling her hair, touching you, giggling like a four year old child, giving you that “F me now you big boy” look… and so on – yet when you dove in for the kiss, to the horror of your self-esteem, she pushed you away?

If this hasn’t happened to you, I’m willing to bet at some point during your life it will.

Even when a woman pushes you away, there’s still a good possibility she feels attraction toward you.

“Then why would she push me away?” you might be asking yourself.

Because, my friend, she was playing a special type of attraction game (or a mating ritual) with You.

Socially and sexually adept women intuitively grasp the rules of this game. This game is a form of what I call “Push-Pull.”

Push-Pull is whenever you emotionally push a woman away from you…and, then, emotionally pull her back in.

Each Push creates an emotional space for each Pull.

Imagine, to get a feel for this, a teacher who’s critical toward one of his students. Once in a blue moon, however, he feeds them a sliver of praise.

The student feels elated.

But if he praises the student constantly, the emotional impact will lessen because…

He Will Not Be Creating The Needed Emotional Space.

Women understand this because this is how they get aroused.

When a man, for example, does something to stimulate a woman… and then stops and then starts again, she becomes exponentially more aroused. This is “Sexual Push-Pull.”

Let’s push forward into the attraction trenches…


When you want to kiss a woman, give her “the look.”

Do you know what “the look” is?

It’s dominant with a dash of playfulness. A carnal gesture used to strip away all pretenses, leaving her psychically naked and vulnerable.

The dominant part reveals the little girl in her.

The playful part brings out the innocent little boy in you – think of the enthusiasm and the excitement little kids have about going to a toy store or to Disneyland.

The look communicates to women: “No ifs ands or buts about it, we’re gonna kiss. And it is gonna be a lot of fun for the both of us.”


You also need to intrude a woman’s personal bubble. All women have a personal bubble.

And usually they only let people they are intimate with or close to into their personal bubble.

If you, however, couple intruding a woman’s personal bubble with giving her “the look,” she’ll almost always let you in.

Once a woman accepts a man in her personal space, she views him as someone she’s intimate with or is open to becoming intimate with.


Another piece of the puzzle is getting physical contact with a woman. You need to be touching her in some way.

For me, I like holding their hands or putting my hand on the sacrum of their back.

When you combine “the look,” with touch and with intruding her personal bubble, something magical happens…

She feels a rush of attraction moving through her body.

She’s paralyzed. Stupefied. Titillated. Aroused. In a trance like state.

You move in closer to her, suggesting you’re about to kiss her.

Then you pause, yet continue to give her The Look.

You’ve sparked the fire of an emotional and sexual connection in her body and mind. She’s excited and compelled to move in closer to you.

Then you push her away, making her feel the moment never happened. The emotional and sexual connection? Just a figment of her imagination.

Then you pull her in again, bringing back that emotional and sexual connection. Then push her away.

At this point she might feel she’s crazy or think of herself as a nut job who forgot to take her lithium.

She might – and this has happened to me many times – grab you and start ravenously kissing you.

If she doesn’t grab you, grab her and start passionately kissing her.

There’s no rejection because it’s a game. I’ve used this method successfully on women who flat out told me from the get-go, they felt no attraction toward me.

Some men might think this is cruel to put women through.

But these men just don’t get it.

It’s the moral equivalent of killing a car, chopping off the head of a Barbie doll, or erasing a computer disk.

Women love this… because it shows them that you’re in control of your desires and demonstrates that you understand how they get aroused.

This is only a tiny tiny sliver of what you’ll learn inside my ebook. This knowledge took me many long hours of experimenting to discover. And you won’t find these secrets anywhere else in the world.

If there’s even a small part of you that wants to possess the power to get intimate with any woman you desire, then you owe it to yourself to get a world class education on attracting and getting intimate with women by grabbing a copy of my ebook right now.

A final thought: Maybe you’re thinking that you’ll put off learning these skills for a few months because you’re bogged down at work or financially strapped?

If you put off learning these skills now, there’s a chance you’ll put them off forever.

That’s why my philosophy has always been: “Live your dream life to its fullest.”

That means equipping yourself with the skills and tools to live your dream life.


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