The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 5

This is the UNDERLYING MESSAGE that TokyoPUA endeavours to SUM UP so succinctly when he tells us to ANCHOUR the idea that the world is our PICKUP LABORATORY.


When EDDY posts “ARGHHHHH”, WHY is it FUNNY to him???

When MYSTERY peacocks himself to the point of SHEER OUTRAGEOUSNESS, WHAT is the purpose??? WHAT does such EXTREME peacocking CONVEY???

When TWENTYSIX puts out a site called, WHAT is the humour in it for him??? LOOK at the site. What is it about that site that is FUNNY???

These are the MANIFESTATIONS of people who ASSERT their OWN REALITY. is Twentysix’ CELEBRATION of his OWN REALITY. It is FUNNY, because as you delve deeper into the site, you journey DEEPER and DEEPER into a reality NOT YOUR OWN. For people whose reality is easily PLUCKED from them, they will be APPALED by the site. They will condemn it as attention-getting TRASH, and SNEER at it. But for people who are FIRMLY in their OWN reality, they will REVEL in the JOURNEY that Twentysix’ pure unmediated INSANITY brings them on. As you read more and more, and listen, and watch, you become SATURATED in Twentysix’s BIZARRE REALITY. It isn’t the weird humour that is the draw of the site. It’s the JOURNEY that it takes you on. The confrontation of the sheer ABSURDITY. For those SECURE in their own reality, there is no FEAR that they won’t be able to find their way back to their own place. They can APPRECIATE the site. But for those people whose minds are so easily TAMPERED with, whose realities are so easily OVERTAKEN, the site is condemned as TRASH.

Twentysix KNOWS that people will react a certain way. Eddy KNOWS that people will wonder WTF he’s doing when he says ARGHHHH non-stop. Mystery KNOWS that people will react in bizarre ways when he peacocks. These are CELEBRATIONS of their REALITY. Their UTTER DISREGARD of the fucked up reactions, the judgements, and the social consequences, is their CONSTANT REMINDER of their own ASSERTION that they alone EXIST. They EMBRACE the ABSURDITY of social constraints, and TRANSCEND them. Because every time that an external agent reacts negatively to their actions, and they are reminded that they DO NOT CARE, they experience the RUSH of the CONFIRMATION that they TRANSCEND all social constraints. They are thus both FEARED and ADMIRED – CRITICIZED and APPLAUDED.

RESEARCH and DISCOVER great men like the late PIERRE TRUDEAU and WINSTON CHURCHILL and John F Kennedy. See how they were universally FEARED and ADMIRED, even by those who hold absolute disdain towards their actual policies and ideas. How did women react to Pierre Trudeau??? Look at his pictures, and imagine him as SHY and INTROVERTED. Would he still BE Pierre Trudeau??? Would he still be one of the historically greatest PUAs that ever lived???

MORE IMPORTANTLY, would he FOCUS on pickup techniques, or focus on HIS OWN REALITY, and have women as one of the FRINGE BENEFITS???

This is what is ULTIMATELY SEDUCTIVE to ALL people, and of particular interest in this forum – to WOMEN.

This is WHY ASF has ceased focusing on developing SS-based approaches. Because we strive to ATTRACT women with the INTENSITY of the JOURNEY that we give her, into OUR reality.

And during that journey, she becomes so ATTRACTED, that she CRAVES to CONNECT with the reality that you project upon her. She may begin by asking “what’s your name?”, and does EVERYTHING in her power to FIND OUT if she can CONNECT.  But we don’t give it away so EASILY. We make her WORK. And it UNRAVELS in front of her, as she is lead to believe that she has EARNED it. And that which she has so strenuously EARNED, she does NOT FOREGO.

I watch, in amazement, as Mystery enters the room. The crowd’s attention shifts. People are alarmed.. intrigued.. fascinated.. angered….

They can NOT snub him as he approaches, because they must FIND OUT —–> WHO – IS – THIS – GUY – ???

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