How to Date Younger Women

Anytime you’re hanging out with a younger girl she should be wondering if you really like her, or if you’re just playing games like you do with all your girls. This is what makes her want to keep playing the game.

When she’s with a guy who makes her think this, she’ll want to look her best and act her sexiest to get the confirmation and validation she craves. The key is never to give her total confirmation – she’ll work into a frenzy trying to win you over and understand you.

For this reason, you should never tell her your true feelings: how much you’ve wanted to be with her, how long you’ve wanted to go out with her etc. If you think massive ‘confessions’ of love work, you’ve been watching too many Hollywood movies. There’s a reason why there are so many movies about the dork getting the prom queen – it never happens in REAL life.

Massive gestures are actually a symbol of weakness, not of strength. If you liked her, she liked you and you were socially smart, you’d already be with her and wouldn’t NEED to make a big move.

You Can be Dating Young Women

Instead, play it cool and act like nothing fazes you. You’re an independent guy and she can, if she wants, join you for the ride. It’s up to her. It’s no big deal.

Younger girls are just like other girls in most normal respects. You do need to escalate just like normal though. Remember, girls expect you to be sexual.

I remember having this girl over at my house one time. We chatted for hours in bed, really built comfort and I didn’t want to try anything because I didn’t want to ‘screw up’. I figured there was no hurry and that we’d just have sex next time.

But there was no ‘next time’. By not escalating she figured I was either weak or non-sexual, and may even have felt insulted. She knew that sex was on the cards when she got into bed, so by not taking her down that path I failed.

When it comes to expressing feeling, let her be the one to express them to you. She says something like ‘so, what are you thinking…you know…about you and I?’ to which you reply ‘hey, yeah, you’re nice, but let’s see where it goes’.

The more you show you don’t give a shit either way, the more desperately she’ll want you to validate her feelings.

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