Seduce Her in the Proper Location Pt. 4

So anyway this is something you should test out. Go for rapport and attraction, not just attraction.   If you learn to work it like this, you’ll literally lay practically every chick that ever likes you.  I mean literally dude, you’ll bat .1000 – almost every girl that takes any interest in you, you’ll lay.


Because they have NO REASON to object to being alone with you, and you can just game them ALONE and sex them RIGHT THERE.  After all, you didn’t push her right?  You didn’t get her all wet or anything.  But you’re a fun and attractive guy, and you invited her to come hang with you back at your pad.  They have no reason to object, because you gave them no reason to believe that you’d wind up having sex.  OF COURSE WHAT SHE DOESN’T KNOW IS THAT YOU ARE STRATEGIC, AND YOU WERE HOLDING BACK YOUR ARSENAL FOR LATER, WHICH IS IN-CON-FUCKING-CEIVABLE TO CHICKS THAT A GUY COULD BE THIS STRATEGIC, SO THEY NEVER SEE IT COMING.

The key thing here is that this way just makes WAY more sense, and is getting WAY better results.

Currently the lay guides, SS, DYD, or any other system doesn’t focus on this stuff.. It’s very counter-intuitive to hold back.  But we’re trying to get a better focus.

Anyway, just play with the frame dude.  I’m sure you’ll get it (its field tested, it works).. Report back and let me know.

MORE – *VERY IMPORTANT SHIT*** (this took a while to figure out for fact and review of sarge to lay results):

Kissing in public is FINE as a RAPPORT TACTIC, not an ATTRACT TACTIC.

So IOW, if you’re kissing her to get her so horny she’ll leave the club to sex you, she’d better be a party-chick or else you’re in trouble.

But if its like the two of you are just getting really close, and its a way of establishing physical compatibility and trust, then its GREAT.  This is the definitive answer to back when I posted about “Not kiss closing in clubs”, last December/January.  The key is that its fine IF AND ONLY IF it doesn’t cause buyer’s remorse, which in rapport it shouldn’t.  (again, for party chicks its fine to sex them whenever/wherever, but I’m talking normal chicks in this post)


Kissing as rapport tactic in club = GOOD (shows physical compatibility, physical rapport, etc)

Kissing as attract tactic in club = BAD (buyers remorse)

Kissing as attract tactic at home/car/hotel = GOOD (sex her right there)


Kissing as rapport tactic in club = N/A (party chicks don’t need or often even WANT rapport, so not much rapport should be occurring, or she’ll get turned off and LJBF you at best)

Kissing as attract tactic in club = GOOD (get her into party-mode, since she’s a party-chick she won’t fight it and she’ll leave with you)

Kissing as attract tactic at home/car/hotel = GOOD (obviously)

However, if you’re going for stuff like fucking chicks in bathrooms then you can just work attraction. If you don’t care for rapport then I’m sure you can find some chicks like you who just want to fuck.

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