Why You Need More Than Just Attraction

QUESTION:  A PUA with an impressive socially proofed job meets a girl.  When should he convey this?

A1:  Early in the pickup, so that she’s interested and stays attentive to him.


A2:  Late in the game.  In fact, he drops it when he has her alone in the bedroom

INTUITIVELY, we say EARLY, because once she’s in the bedroom she’s already had, right?

Let’s consider in this thread a different focus.


Typical wrong thinking in the community – same thing that screwed me over for a long long time (you can dig up my old fuckup reports from my archive.. Read “Barfuckup part II” I think in my archived posts).

Guys will argue this, but they’re flat wrong.  Not to be an arrogant prick by saying “this is fact..”  But honestly THIS IS FACT!  🙂

I’ve been testing this for months now, and so has Mys and 26.

If you’re a PUA, then to lay a girl, what do you need?

Just to get her alone.  That’s it.  Any PUA can seduce pretty much most chicks that he has alone – obviously with exceptions, but in general it’s not difficult.

So you’re trying to get her to agree to be alone with you HOW?

Right now, its by getting her HORNY, and you THINK that she’ll agree to be alone with you on that account.

You THINK that the way to get a chick alone is to get her HORNY enough that she’ll agree to it, when that’s NOT THE CASE.


Premise1: Getting girls aroused makes them want to be around you.

Premise2: Keeping them aroused keeps them around you.

Conclusion:  To get them to be alone with you, get them really really aroused.

  • This works CONSISTENTLY.


What Really Happens


Premise1:  Getting girls aroused makes them want to be around you.

Premise2:  Exploiting the time that attraction buys you, to then establish rapport and trust will also keep them around you.  It will keep the girls there just as well as if you’d hammered away at attraction, but this way they’re willing to LEAVE with you because you’re friends, and they don’t FEAR that they’ll succumb to your advances, and refuse out of antislut defense.

Premise3:  Most girls aged 18-23 are not willing to DELIBERATELY sleep with a guy that they just met REGARDLESS OF THEIR ATTRACTION TO HIM, unless they are either party-chicks or else in a “party-chick mentality” for whatever reason (vacation, spring break, rebound, you have some massive esoteric sex fantasy element, etc).  If you plan to build a solid game, then you cannot DEPEND on these circumstances.

IOW:  NO you are not such a Don Juan that most girls will be so drunk off of the arousal you’ve generated, that they’ll leave the club with you knowing full well that you’ll likely seduce them.  Even if they were that drunk off infatuation, it would have likely worn off in the car ride home.  The times its happened were most often FOOL’S MATE.

CONCLUSION:  Most girls will not leave a public gathering with a guy for the intentional purpose of sleeping with him.  Although they are aroused at the time, and would sleep with him if he had the ability to snap his fingers and make everyone in the public gathering VANISH, the fact is that this cannot happen, and most girls, DESPITE BEING AROUSED, will NOT leave the gathering out of sheer AROUSAL.

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