How To Disarm Last Minute Resistance, pt. 2


Here’s the dizzy-dizeeels on LMR..  This is true shit yo!


If you get REAL-LMR, it’s probably because you don’t have sufficient rapport.  (OR you are a LAMEASS with ZERO attraction, cause chicks dig sex, and they probably wouldn’t have ISOLATED themselves with you unless they were attracted, so the DEFICIENCY is RAPPORT/TRUST.. again, unless you are SUCH a lame-ass that it wouldn’t have even OCCURED to the chick that you’d try anything, in which case none of this or anything else applies, cause you have a lot of work to do on fundamentals)

If you’ve got TOKEN LMR, then it’s just some shit you’ve gotta forget about.


1) agree, up foreplay

2) freezeout

3) Riker’s 3 rules

1) Agree, up foreplay:

CHICK:  we shouldn’t be doing this..

PUA:  you’re right.. we shouldn’t be doing this.. (then continue with foreplay)..


The chick’s logical brain is telling her “don’t be a slut”.. if you answer with AGREEMENT, it DISENGAGES the chick’s logical brain, and her body takes over.. and her body is LIKING it, cause the endorphins and shit she’s getting are fucken’ SWEET..


Wanna get FROZEN OUT??

Trust me, go do this shit, and you’ll FEEL what its like.

Hit up the local strip club and get a LAP DANCE.. I got one of these in Toronto last year at this place called “THE BRASS RAIL”, and the chick was all up in my shit.. feeling me up.. all that shit..

Then she said “song’s over.. want another dance?”

I said “nope”, and she GETS UP, TURNS AROUND, and WALKS AWAY.. she won’t even answer my questions or make small talk or even look me in the eye.. TOTAL FREEZE OUT.

Check this out to see how it’s done.  MONEY SHIT.  Those strippers have it down TIGHT.

I felt like shit.. I didn’t even want another dance, but I was feeling like “hey, at least talk to me as we walk out, you’re being so cold!  WTF is this???”

Seriously, as lame as it was (I was AFC, leave me alone!) it actually made me feel BAD.. like REALLY BAD.. I could feel it..


Cause that stripper-ho FROZE MY ASS OUT.. She did FULL TAKEAWAY of ALL attention.. BANNED from the garden of eden.. bye-bye TD you little bitch.. you don’t do what I want, you’re FROZEN OUT..

Want back into the golden gates then PAY UP you mark-bitch!

So how do we use this shit on chicks IN REVERSE??

Oh man, this shit is EASY.. and its fucken EFFECTIVE..

If you already tried just agreeing and upping foreplay, and she’s still saying ‘no’ (even though she’s in your house), then its FREEZE OUT TIME.

That’s like what Mystery says when he plays checkers.

You just go watch TV, and she’ll come over after a minute of two like “what’s wrong” (hahah like WTF do you think??? I’m a GUY)

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