How To Disarm Last Minute Resistance, pt. 3

Tyler Durden

Late Game

Ok, some more on disarming LMR.

So what’s key:

  • don’t make affectionate eye-contact with her (think back to when you let someone down how they looked at you to be passive aggressive)
  • change your tone so she no longer gets affectionate tone
  • show disinterested bodylanguage (think back to like when you tried to pickup really hot chicks in clubs when you roll in on them with no social proof.. what does their bodylanguage look like?)
  • stiff body when she touches you.. show discomfort with her touching you without saying it (think to when your girlfriend pissed you off, and you decided to punish her.. and she came over and pouted but you wouldn’t be nice to her)

Then if she starts kissing you again, just get it on on the couch and try to stick it in her there before moving her, cause if you directly just pick her up

back to the bed she’ll come out of state..

REMEMBER this shit is all STATE-BASED..

TIME the freezeout CORRECTLY.. this is hard to explain over the internet, but once you’ve tried freezing out like 5-10 chicks you’ll have the hang of it like a sixth sense..


I first thought this shit was stupid, but then I tried it and its pure $$$..

Riker’s rules are:

1) I always wear a condom.

2) This is something that we BOTH want to do.

3) We won’t look back on this tommorow with any regrets.

Now after it worked on this one chick who was putting up the mad-LMRzzz I broke

it down to myself on why it worked.

See, I figure that it addresses ALL the chick’s concerns..

1) = addresses: she won’t have STDs (and you don’t have them cause you ALWAYS

use condoms, so even if she’s just making you it doesn’t matter since you

always use them), and won’t get her pregnant

2) = addresses: (besides the embedded command which I don’t give a shit about

that) its a CHOICE.. like its a sort of FRAME.. it makes it more ‘mature’, like

consenting-adults kind of thing.. “its something we both want”.. its kinda got

that ring to it.. its “under control”

3) = addresses: anti-slut-defense.. chicks are worried they’ll REGRET it.. but framed like this, its all good.. you’re also kinda IMPLYING that you won’t ditch her ass the next day, even though you never said it..


The timing between the freeze-out and the Rikers 3 rules is key..

If you do the freezeout, the chick will usually come over to the couch and all that shit.. so you’ve gotta play it JUST RIGHT..

Cause she’ll come over to the couch, all in this “i just wanna talk” mood..  JUST LIKE when I just wanted the stripper to talk to me as we walked out of the booth.. I didn’t really want another dance, but I just wanted SOME attention from the person who I had a perceived bond with in my head..

So when you freeze the chick out, she comes back and really just wants to talk.. Not really so much to fuck, necessarily..

But if you ASSUME THE SALE, and just run the Riker’s 3 rules as sort of the first thing you say as you start stroking her, then:

1- she is STUCK in the sex frame.. no sex = freezeout continues

2- rather than just trying YET AGAIN to fuck her, you’re ADDRESSING WHAT WAS

PREVENTING IT before continuing to push her..

So anyway, this shit is all just timing…

DO NOT break out the BIG GUNS without trying #1 (agree, continue foreplay)


LIKEWISE, if the chick comes over to the couch and starts unzipping your pants, don’t bust out the Riker’s shit..

But she’s only gonna go down HARD, then bust out all three with PROPER TIMING, and its RARE that a chick who dug you enough to isolate herself with you will not want to have sex.

Just remember though, that like I wrote up top, RAPPORT is the KEY LMR-destroyer.  So avoid ALL THIS if you can through SOLID GAME.

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