How to get the F Close – It’s all about Logistics

What makes me write this is that I think the community needs to get over it love of opening. Too, too often I get emails from guy saying things like ‘I beat my all time record and opened 1000 sets in a month’ and that’ll be the end of his story. So I’d ask him ‘oh yeah, and how did they go? How many closes did you get?’ and he’d be like ‘blah blah blah, not very many’. That’s exactly what I mean: the community is just obsessed with opening and delivering when it should be focused on closing.

Another example that just springs to mine: I remember talking to this guy the morning after a night on a boot camp and asked him what his favourite moment was. He said it was this opener he thought up on the spot ‘who lies more, geese or chickens?’ which is a funny opener and what should have followed it with is a story about how he was screwing the girl in the bathroom 5 minutes later.

Look, forget opening, what the community needs to be concerned with is closing: getting results. Anyone can open, all you need to do is walk up to someone and pester them with your line. Opening requires balls, sure, but it doesn’t require anything more. If you want to prove you have balls there are lots of other ways you can do it: take up boxing for example. In the community we don’t want to demonstrate bravado, we want to get laid, so let’s talk about closing!

Okay, logistics. 9 times out of 10, the reason you’re not able to take the girl home and sleep with her is logistics. We need to be real about this, logistics are a problem. One guy I spoke too said he had real problems getting laid and this puzzled me because he had great game, so I asked him about his logistics. He had his own place, it was big, it was clean, he had a car and could drive there so I’m really struggling to work out what’s the problem, so I ask ‘is there anything you haven’t told me about your place?’ ‘yes, it’s 2 and a half hours away’ boom, that was it right there. He was thinking that if he had tight enough game she would agree to come back with him after a night out. Sure, if he’d been gaming her for a month, maybe. The idea that logistics aren’t an excuse isn’t true: logistics a real problem so get them sorted. Good logistics won’t get you laid, but bad logistics will stop you getting laid.

Setting up your House for Sex

Here’s an idea for you. One thing I would do is prepare my house for sex before I went out. I’d get everything ready for bringing a girl home. That way, when I didn’t bring a girl home I’d feel like an idiot. So I tried harder to bring one back with me. One way I would do it is to set up the lighting: I’d have the first room of my house really light and it would get darker and darker towards my bedroom, which would be dark, mood-lit and ready for sex. If the whole house had been mood-lit then the first thing the girl would do would switch the lights on when she walked in and kill the vibe, but this way I could sneak her into a seductive environment.

Remember, you don’t want it to be easy to take a girl home. You do want her to object and question what you’re doing. Why? Because if she’s making it easy for you, then she’s probably not the first person she’s made it easy for and STDs are very contagious. So just beware.

To bring about the close you have to take control. If you’re not leading it’s not going to happen. Not only is the ability to lead an alpha characteristic which is, in itself, attractive, but to escalate the interaction you have to be taking charge. To do this you want to avoid giving her real decisions. Either you want to give her false choices or no choice at all. So instead of asking a girl is she wants a drink, ask her what her favourite drink is and then say ‘oh, I’m going to go and get a drink, come with me and we’ll get yours’ or something. Asking what her favourite drink has assumed that you’ve bypassed the ‘would you like a drink’ phase. Equally instead of being ‘would you like to come back to mine for food’ I’ll say ‘pancakes or waffles?’ and then say, whichever she chooses, that I make the best ones. Then it’s easy to say ‘you don’t believe me? Okay, I’ll show you’. Give reasons for everything you do, they don’t even need to be good reasons, or real reasons, or possible reasons. You just need to give the girl a rationalisation.

People always ask me what’s my best line and when they ask me I know they mean ‘what’s your best opener?’ but my best line isn’t an opener. My best ever line is ‘just trust me, it’ll be fine’. Anytime a girl objects you can just tell her that and you’re taking responsibility so it’s all on you. She doesn’t need to worry because you’re reassuring her and she’s not making a choice anyway.

I could go on but that is, basically, closing. Until next time

AFC Adam


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