How to do Post Club Pickup, pt. 2

I find the absolute best way to calm girls down without losing state is to go into teaching style IVDs. Like I teach girls the trust-test, or Cs vs Us, or Style’s EV, or anything about social dynamics like how to tell if someone is lying or why people interaction in different ways because of different stimulus’, or the CUBE, or palmreading if you know it (I don’t yet, but want to start using Toecutter’s Palmreading routine).

From there, you can start getting her qualifying herself to you, by talking about shit that you hate about girls. I’ll post a separate thread on this. Then get her talking both with the CURIOSITY frame that I posted about early, or just plowing stories and making her tell you her stories.

Use 1 minute high octane stories sporadically, every five or ten minutes to ensure that the buying temp stays pumped. By high stories, I mean stuff like the badass kid story, that you would normally use early in a set to get them all giggly.

About 15 minutes in, you’ll usually make out. I do this by sitting beside her, and continually keeping eye contact and pushing in for the kiss closer and closer. I also pull back on high notes especially if she says something wrong and I bust her on it. I also pull back if I’m just thinking about something intense, so she can FEEL that I am not sold on her yet. I go in for the kiss eventually, and if they won’t give it I’ll either force it by saying “Shhhh.. hey.. shhhh..”. I also sometimes try and so long as she doesn’t move away from me, I continually do triangular gazing, and playfully accuse her of trying to make me lose focus (as in she’s turning me on) until eventually we make out.

This is so key. I continually throw out stuff I don’t like when girls do, so they qualify themselves to me that they aren’t like that, and to convey that I have standards. I also disagree with some things that they are saying, in a way where its easy for them to change their position. So in other words, I disagree with it in a way that they can clarify that I really think what they think. This conveys that I was willing to disagree, even though we didn’t actually disagree.

I have a digital camera, which is what I use for bedroom extraction. I say “Check this out” and bring them in and show them the pictures, some of which include HOT ex-girlfriends of mine to intimidate them.

From there its standard late game, which I have posted about at length in other posts.

Anyway, this is a basic formula that I use repeatedly to pull girls at latenight. I hope you guys get good mileage out of it.

I was chatting to some of the guys at PUATraining a while back, and they mentioned the acronym ‘DTF’ and I was like WTF is that? Basically some girls are just Down To Fuck and if you can find them, in the diner or outside the club, or whatever, they are yours…

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