How to Win the PUA Tug Of War

Here’s how it goes down:

The girl hits full buying temperature.  Maybe you did it.  Maybe another natural player did it.  Maybe her boyfriend pissed her off and de-validated her.  Maybe she’s on vacation, and she decides she wants it.  Whatever the way, she’s decided she wants sex TONIGHT, and somebody is going to get it.

You see this in Leceister Square in London England.  The girls get hit on all night.  The guys hitting on them are getting blown out left and right.  But yet, at the same time, their buying temperature is escalating and escalating.

And as we all know, buying temperature is TRANSFERABLE.  You can literally walk up to a girl who is being picked up by a player, blow him out, and pull the girl and hook up with her within 45 minutes.  I’ve done it in front of audiences, while they sit there jaw dropped.  It appears that I’ve done something inconceivable, when in fact what I’ve done it stupidly easy, just as long as you have a bit of balls.

In nighttime social environments, pickup is all about FOLLOW THE SHINY THING GIRLS.. FOLLOW IT.. FOLLOW IT.. FOLLOW THE SHINY THING.. ITS GOING OVER HERE..


That’s a metaphor I first got from Toecutter I think, and its funny as hell

because its true.  In clubs, girls are like little kittens in a prairie,

jumping from one stimulus to the next.  Chase the butterfly little kitten..

chase it.. chase it.. no wait, a leaf.. chase it.. no wait!, a bird…

chaaaaase it….

Girls in clubs, its the same shit.  Dance…. Dance…. Drink.. Drink…. No wait!  Lights!  Music!!!  Guys hitting on us… We’re listening to them…  They’re fun…. No wait!  They’re players… Runnn awaaaaaay!!!!  Wait, its my BEST FRIEND… I LOVE HER… HUG MY BEST FRIEND!!!  GRIND HER!!!!

God, how do I deal with this shit on a nightly basis?  It’s like they’re on crack.  Do you guys see this shit?  They see their friends and they run up and scream and hug eachother?

At clubs, most girls look like mindless stimulation seeking zombies.  When I run workshops, I call this “the girl is about to pop”.  What that means is that you’ll be running the set, but one of them can’t quite hear you or isn’t fully interested.  And you see her eyes wandering, and she’s looking around the club.  It’s like “This isn’t stimulating enough.. Zombie needs more stimulation.. Seek stimulation.. Find it.. Maintain buying temperature.. Zombie LIKES buying temperature… dancing.. .dancing is buying temperature…. Zombie likes dancing… Let’s go dance.. Zombie needs zombie friends to come with zombie, so zombie is safe…”

GUYS…. – LET’S – GO – DANCE!!!

And POOF, your set is GONE.  Your target girl could have LOVED you, but the second her friends say “Let’s go dance”, it is fucking OVER.  I’ll see one of the girls looking around, seeking out other stimulation, and I’ll blurt out to my wing “dude, that one’s about to pop”, and then its “Hey!  Show’s over here!”, to the chick.

Anyway, getting back to the topic of tug of war, this is the shit I see all the time.  The girl hits buying temperature, and now its whoever has the biggest shiny thing that will fuck her that night.

I’ll have girls telling me they love me and asking where I’m going after the club closes, and then some other dude will move in, and she’ll ignore me and act like I don’t exist.  Literally, she’ll just cut me out of her reality.  Then I’ll go in and blow the guy out, and he’ll leave, and then the girl will be my best friend again.

Bros, this is the harsh world of pickup.  It’s a cold cruel world…  🙂

This shit reminds me of rams butting heads on the mating ground.  It’s fucking crazy some of the shit I’ve seen and done.

More stories next time

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