How to Get Laid Using Social Cirlce Game

If you have really tight rapport skills, then you can get female friends, become the pimp-daddy of shitloads of girls, so that they NEED to have you in their life, but – REFUSE to fuck them.  It’s all about social circle game.

No matter how bad they want you, say straight up “NO, I view you as a sister, and I love you too much to treat you like a girlfriend.” This makes NO SENSE to me personally, but the chicks I know dig it.

Then get them into a relationship where you makeout with them and sleep in the same bed, but don’t EVER, and I mean EVER have sex with them.. that way you can walk up to hotties with your pivot, and start groping them and kissing them in front of your target chick.

For me, when I have a chick who seems flakey, I’ll have one of my pivots meet me at the place where I’m meeting my chick like half an hour before, and I’ll have her up on my lap rubbing my chest and giggling for when my flakey chick arrives.. Then I SNUB my pivot right in front of my target chick (I’m assuming that we’re talking HB8.5+ targets here, as this alienate you from a lesser chick), but in a way where my pivot gets off on it, because she likes to be controlled.

The Secret of Social Circle Game

I know that this sounds fucked up, but it requires you to tell girls STRAIGHT UP that you won’t fuck them no matter what, and that you value them as friends. I also tell most of my pivots that I “love” them, and this is something that is genuine, since I really do love these chicks.. they take care of me, and cook and clean and massage for me, so why wouldn’t I?? These chicks are AWESOME..

Dude, the POINT of being a PUA is to be the EQUIVALENT of a hot HB.. you should STRIVE to have chicks that buy you dinners who think that they can have a shot with you, and that you just slot into the friendship zone.. there is NO WAY that any PUA should be doing his own housework or cooking or paying for massages, unless he CHOOSES to out of personal preferance.. I mean, sex is great and all that, but having this stuff taken care of by female groupies is, IMO, a benefit that is close to as good. Plus its just validating to be cared about by many women, in addition to your sexual partners.

Now if you’re in the boat where girls don’t really want to fuck you all the time (this will CHANGE as soon as you amass the social network, since social proof is a total mindfuck for chicks), then focus on just chatting girls about DISARMING shit like:

“I hate how like, you know, when we were kids.. guys and girls could just be friends.. and its so complicated now.. I just want to have am ACQUAINTANCE in my life, that I can hang with and chill at parties with.. and invite to parties, and introduce to hang out with my friends” (IOW, play off her superficial desire for popularity)

“I love my girlfriend SO MUCH.. we’re SO CLOSE.. My friend cheated on his girlfriend, and I thought what a JERK.. hey, there’s x-thing this friday, I’d LOVE for you to HANG OUT with my group of friends, and we could do x-platonic-activity..”

And just do shit like that, until you have at least 5-10 female friends who LOVE you so much, and desperately NEED you in their life.

So use them for emotional fulfillment.. talk about all your problems to them, and let them comfort you.. emotionally leech off of them the same way that chicks who leech off of nice guys “If only I could meet a nice guy!” (as the poor LJBF bastard thinks “I’m nice dammit!! she’ll see it someday, I just know it!”)..

Tell girls that you can’t meet a nice girl.. and that you want to so bad.. and you’re looking ALL OVER and dating SO MANY girls, just because you CRAVE ROMANCE and LOVE.. that way they can fantasize about how after you’re done with all these “mean bad girls”, you’ll fall for THEM someday and get married.. just so long as they stick with you, and do what you say.

Then tell them that you love THEM, and that you care about them so much as sisters, and that you couldn’t live without them.. shit like that.

Reverse the frame that chicks use on “nice guys”

I actually really value my pivots, and value their friendship.. I DO care about them, and would help them if they ever needed it.. its also great, because I get all of my emotional needs taken care of, which seems to make me more alpha and aloof in front of chicks that I’m PU’ing.. I don’t seem needy, because I have my emotional needs taken care of always by my pivots.

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