Using Intrigue to Create Attraction

Most guys on this site have piles of C&F material, but lack in intrigue based material.  Having the ability to hold a set WITHOUT relying on getting them all giggly with shocking C&F type stuff is something that most guys on here are lacking, and need to cultivate.

I have alot of routines where I talk about fascinating studies that were done, or interesting things that I’ve seen that relate to the girls.  I have cool bar bets and shit like that, or cool pictures – all of which hold their attention.  These things don’t have the girls freaking out giggling, which doesn’t make for as flashy of a pickup.

BUT, it does make for a more solid game.

Most importantly, it gets the girl chasing you.

She’s thinking “This guy is really cool, and he’s a bit C&F also so he’s alpha, but mostly he’s really cool and he’s not interested in me and my self esteem is down because of the embarrassing things he noticed.”

As opposed to a straight up European style game, where you just plow the shit out of her buying temperature with piles of C&F, and going for the juggular in terms of ONS, and if she doesn’t bite that same night, you have little or no connection with her and will probably wind up with a flake for the day 2.

At the same time, most of my game is a European based game, and I turn on the other stuff at different times.  I use BOTH, and use them based on the type of girl and the condition.

I’ve seen Mystery try to play solid game on girls that I know he could have ONS’ed.  At the same time, I’ll often turn great girls that could have been my girlfriends into party chicks that go mental, and then I lose them down the line.

We all have our own sticking points to overcome, and everyone playing the game (in real life, not the internet) has real sticking points and places that they could improve.  Anyone who says that they don’t have sticking points is probably not really in the field.

I’d encourage everyone to post about their sticking points (I saw Pheremone doing that recently, and I think people should follow that example), and focusing on filling in the gaps in their game.

For guys who lack intrigue based material, I’d encourage you guys to seek it out, test it, and PLEASE post about it so I can steal it for my own sets!  🙂

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