How to Get the Girl Out of Her ‘Work’ Mode

Force girls into the frame that you need her to be in, in order to sarge her.

EVERYONE wants to be perceived as GENUINE.  When girls put up FRONTS, call them out on their ungenuine bullshit behaviour to put them in line.

Jeans store girl:

PUA: “are we in talk mode, or sales mode?”

HB: “well, sorta both..”

PUA: (stick out tongue) “pffffffft!!”

HB: no no no.. go on, go on, I’m in talk mode..

PUA: ok (spin handshake to return her into state)

Shooter girl:

HB: would you like a shooter?

PUA: hmm… I’m not sure that we’d get along..

HB: what?? why?????

PUA: We’re too similar..

HB: why???

PUA: I can’t tell you.. We haven’t known each other for long enough..

HB: hahahhaah..

PUA: get this (routine)

HB: hey cool.. so would you like something to drink?

PUA: (make funny face, continue with NEXT routine, utterly IGNORING her question.. use high-5s, hugs, “I love you”, or anything OTHER than the answer to her question)

HB: hahaha, ok SERIOUSLY do you want a shooter..

PUA: are you in shooter girl mode or in genuine mode?

HB: well I’m working..

PUA: pfffft! (backturn)

HB: no no no.. I’m listening, keep going..

PUA: (run sarge as usual)


PUA: talking talking… run A-crowd routine, validate her as part of your a-crowd..

HB: cool.. so what do you want tonight sir?

PUA: hold up.. are we still chatting or are you in waitress mode?

HB: well I am waitressing..

PUA: uh oh.. I’m not sure if you’re still A-crowd with us anymore..

HB: no no no, I’m just talking.. keep going..

PUA: high-5.. Ok, get this……..

Girl with bitchshield at a night venue (club/bar/etc)

HB: x-ignorant comment

PUA: “are you in bar mode or daytime mode?”

HB: what???

PUA: I think that you treat people differently at the bar than during the daytime.. I’m just trying to talk to you, and I don’t think that you’re like this (hand gesture <-/ -> to motion to your conversation) during the day.. This isn’t genuine.. I don’t think its you.. (for serious bitch shields you can add: “this is second class behaviour”)

HB: yeah but all these lame desperate guys try to hit on me in lame ways..

PUA: my intuition about you is that you respect yourself enough to come only to a place where the people are worth talking to..  just chill.. be genuine.. I can totally see that you have x-quality going for you.. I think that you’re probably x-compliment.. (spin-handshake to re-initiate her state, so it doesn’t go too downhill state-wise).

Stripper (Mystery always does this shit):

HB: where are you from?

PUA: (NOT answering her question) these are ‘mark’ questions, for customers.. this isn’t you..

HB: what?

PUA: actually you’d better run along and make some money or your boss might get mad..

HB: I have no boss.. I work when I want..

PUA: oh, so you’re saying that you have the freewill to exert your own power of choice and talk to who you want.. I like that, that’s powerful.. (then IGNORE all ‘mark’ questions NO MATTER WHAT, and pump her with routines.. NOTHING situational whatsoever, because as a stripper she has heard it ALL NIGHT.. just intrigue her and neg neg neg)

Point here is, hot girls will use whatever situation that they’re in, in order to put up shields.  Call them up on their bullshit behaviour to convey to them its ungenuine, and that you only talk to genuine people.  Then proceed to sarge as usual, once her situational shield is broken down.

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