Number Closing


Remember, first of all, that the # is merely a bridge to a future meet and nothing more. It is a logistical necessity, not game. Your GOAL should never be to #close the girl.

The most important thing is to make sure you aren’t SUPPLICATING or BEGGING her for her number. Make it mutual or HER idea. Ideally, you will have gamed her well enough that she will OFFER her number.

When YOU end the interaction (because you have sensed that she is about to end it or because the logistics don’t work to escalate any further, NOT because you just want the #!), and she DOESN’T offer her number, you should try to LEAD her to suggest it.

Here is my all-time favorite #close routine for quick #closes. The idea is to act totally clueless and force HER to tell you how to #lose her.

“Man, if only there were some way that we could stay in touch. I mean, this is the 21st century, you’d think someone would have figured out a way for us to talk even when we’re not together… God, this is so complicated…” and continue until she says, “Do you want my number?”

If she doesn’t offer, pull out YOUR cell-phone and say, “Hmmm… I wonder if this strange device could help us…” Continue with C&F until she gives you the number.

Ideally, however, when you get the number you’ll have enough attraction AND rapport to make it mutual. There won’t be any need to “trick” her into giving you the number. Either way, once you get the number and she leaves, you’re going to have to phone game her the SAME WAY.


I always do one of two things when I get a #, before I leave:

1) Tell her I’ll call her tomorrow *to chat*. Ask when the best time to call is, when we can just talk for a while.

2) Tell her I’ll call her THAT NIGHT when she’s getting ready for bed to wish her a good night. (Thanks, Mystery)

When I call them THAT NIGHT, I simply continue gaming them where I left off. She’s usually still in state or quickly regains it, and it’s SUPER easy to build comfort over the phone. I also use Mystery’s visualization technique. (DAFS, I think he posted it) Tell her to imagine you lying next to her in her bed while you talk, and then tucking her in to sleep. Expand on that, but you get the idea.

When I call the next day, I make a rule to NOT suggest a meet. Of course I try to TRAP her into suggesting one. I use the same phone game structure I will describe for RE-GAMING over the phone.


If she doesn’t answer my calls, I make a rule of calling no more than twice a day every other day. In fact, I usually forget to call even this much because I have OPTIONS. I also sometimes use TD’s call, hang up if the answering machine comes on, and call back immediately. It works every now and then, and I don’t think it gets a BAD reaction.

Always remember that some girls ARE busy. Don’t get yourself all worked up if she doesn’t answer the phone. It’s easy to lose confidence in your sarge when you don’t talk to her. REJECT those self defeating thoughts of “She must not have been interested.” You WILL talk to her again. She WILL remember you. She will be HAPPY you called and it will be EASY to talk to her on the phone.

I will call for a WEEK following this rule, and if I still can’t get in touch, I’ll call from a different number. House phone if I used the cell phone, friends phone, pay phone, etc. What I usually do is: Call from cell phone for a week, call from house phone for a week, call from friends phone a few times, stop calling for a couple weeks. At this point, I usually have forgotten about her completely if not before. Sometimes I’ll call random girls months later to practice my phone game.


I leave two messages: One is the standard: “Hey HB, this is Harmless, I’m going out with my friends to such-and-such-cool bar tonight, let me know if you want to tag along.”

If this doesn’t work, next time I use “Hey HB, this is Rein. I just had the most amazing idea… you have to hear this!”

This has about a 80% success rate in getting girls to call back. They will of course ask what the idea was. Either make up something or say, “I was sitting in the tub taking a bath, and then I realized that my body made the water in the tub rise. I was so excited, I ran down the street naked screaming “Eureka!”, or (my favorite) say “I figured out how I could get you to call me back. It totally worked too… Hey, you won’t believe what happened to me yesterday… [story]”

Honestly, I don’t usually bother going to all this trouble. Usually I call a couple times and then forget about her, but I’m training myself to be more persistent.


Once you get her on the phone, you have two options:

Go for a MEET, or try to regame her on the phone.


PROs: Short call, she’s less likely to cut you off

CONs: No chance to reinitiate state, regame her, etc. Less likely to work the longer you wait since the first meet. Less successful in general than regaming

I use the well-tested Tag Along Meet Close(tm): “I’m going out to such and such bar with my friends. You should tag along.”

This works even better if you know where she likes to hang out (same place you met her on the same day is a good idea) and simply suggest that she meet you there as if you were already going yourself.


PROs: You can get her back in state, re-attract her, or build comfort, whichever is necessary.

CONs: Longer phone call, she is more likely to cut you off, it’s easier to stall.


I follow a much-shortened version of MM: Attract, Rapport, Meet Close.

Whether I’m regaming or just setting up a meet, I always throw in a DHV, buying temp. builder, or call-back humor FIRST.

Tell a quick story that *just* happened, run some roleplaying, or use any good anchors that were created during your sarge. (Anchors aren’t just SS bullshit. Callback humor is an anchor, anything that reenforces or amplifies her state is an anchor, etc.)

ALWAYS, ALWAYS let the girl know that you have options. Even if you have to lie. Don’t TELL the girl “I’m fucking a lot of girls.” You have to SUBCOMMUNICATE it. Think SECRET SOCIETY shit.

“My friend is supposed to come over tonight. *SHE* wants to watch a movie or something. But if she can’t make it, I’ll probably be going downtown.”

NEVER bust her on not answering the phone, not calling you back, being drunk when you met her, or anything else that will cause her to become defensive. (You can break this rule, but it’s less confusing just to follow it.)

Stay away from early game routines (David Bowie, Who Lies More, Blonde Hair, etc) and stick to attraction routines, buying temp routines and roleplaying that are EASY to visualize (Powerpuff, Attack Kitten, Eternal Love roleplaying, Las Vegas Marriage, BUBBLE WRAP, etc)

If the conversation gets on dating and relationships (Which it will, because you will LEAD it there), throw in:

“When I’m talking to girls and they ask me if I have a girlfriend, they seem really shocked when I say that I’m singe.”

She will PICK UP on the subcommunication: She KNOWS that when a girl asks a guy if he has a GF, that is an *IOI*. She understands that these girls are attracted to you. this creates implied SOCIAL PROOF.

Once she’s back in state and attracted again, once she gets a little buying temp, (and especially when she begins to ask rapport questions), it’s time to start comfort building. Fractionate from C&F to SUPERFICIAL communication (light rapport). The fractionate QUICKLY from SUPERFICIAL to DEEP communication (deep rapport). Check out IN10SE’s stuff here (his ebook is amazing, but he’s posted a lot of good stuff as well) because it works very well over the phone.

One of my favorite questions to ask a girl on the phone for deep rapport is: “What are you passionate about? What turns you on?” It’s an easy way to calibrate how sexual she is. If she starts talking about sex, the BINGO… time for a booty call. If she starts talking about art, time for more comfort building.

Once you’ve built attraction and comfort, you can either end the conversation or set up a meet. Sometimes I like to game them without setting up a meet… so they don’t feel pressured. Unfortunately, that’s like giving a sales pitch without asking to buy. A lot of the time, girls will WANT you to “make the ho say no”. They’ll see you as beta if you don’t.


A girl will be more receptive to seeing you again depending on how attracted she is and her comfort level. If you have enough of both, SHE will suggest a meeting. This rarely happens simply because women are TRAINED not to initiate this sort of thing. Similar to a proximity AI in a club, a girl’s strategy here is to BAIT YOU into suggesting a meet.

When she starts talking about her plans for the evening or for the weekend (even though YOU DIDN’T ASK), this is equivalent to her saying: “Here is when and where I am available to see you. Help me set up our day2.”

If your calibration of the subcommunication here tells you that she is PRIMED for a day2 with you and wants to be alone with you, forget about the “tag along” and “I’m going out with my friends” and other non-needy subcommunication. She wants to meet you. You just need to take the LEAD and make it happen. She NEEDS an SOI here so that she feels qualified and doesn’t experience buyers remorse. So SOI her, qualify her, let her know you WANT to see her again. “You know, I was planning on staying in today and maybe renting a movie. What’s your favorite movie?”

If you calibrate that she needs more comfort, set up the meeting in a social place like a coffee shop, the mall, or a bar.

If you calibrate that she needs more attraction, set up the meet using the Tag Along Meet Close or similar because you need to subcommunicate that you are not NEEDY.


Flakes suck. We can usually prevent them by doing our groundwork (SOLID GAME), making sure you suggest a mutually desirable meeting, and by making it HARD for her to flake. Most AFCs are in the habit of providing women with outs. They make it EASY for women to give them excuses, and then they wonder why the girls flake.

When setting up the meet close, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS say something like “I’ll call you if my plans change, but otherwise I’ll see you at X.” This takes the LEAD, letting her know that YOU will be the one to change the plans, NOT HER.


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