How to Maintain the Momentum from a Sarge, pt. 5

SO REMEMBER: Keep the interaction TIGHT and CHARGED. Either focusing on attracting until phase shift, or attracting until she wants RAPPORT, giving that to her, and then phase shifting. Your goal is to get her to her BOILING POINT. Stick a fork in me, Im done. Using this kind of MENTALITY that Im NOT being screened by her, but rather just doing my own thing, I can almost ALWAYS get with a chick Im interacting with.

The problem for ME, and my SP, is actually picking the chick up in the first place, so I can get a CLEAN SHOT at her. But so long as I have a CLEAR SHOT, I can use this kind of stuff to close no probs.. Thats why I was able to PU the Cosmo Model on the airplane. Because I had her ONE on ONE, on the plane. In a club, I doubt I could have gotten ANYWHERE, given my current skillsets. I can even get with my profs, my teaching assistants, and any chick that gets left alone with me for whatever reason. Because I EXPLOIT having a CLEAR SHOT, since being ALONE together FORCES her  to live in ONE of our frames.

Since my frame is DOMINANT, she will be sucked in MINE.  The KEY, is to keep it in YOUR FRAME. Do NOT succumb to the DATING FRAME, or you will 99% NOT close the chick that night (or even that month). You should SENSE the dating frame when it’s occurring, by her ‘I’m not sure yet’ composure, and sort of evaluating / NOT swept off her feet thing, often evident by lack of kino and her not leaning into you.

You should always be doing SOMETHING to bring yourself closer to your goal. Teasing, touching, subtly demonstrating your excellence, connecting deeply in rapport, projecting a sexual state, leading, playing hard to get, confusing, playfighting, conspiring together, stimulating, pausing awkwardly to show your absolute comfort in your own reality, having fun, etc etc etc.. SOMETHING that is moving you to the goal. Eventually, when youre GOOD, youll do these things NATURALLY, without much thought.

Im PART WAY there, so I still have to do them CONSCIOUSLY oftentimes. But a lot of them I just do NATURALLY now. Now if you are a HARDCORE SKILLED PUA, you could even take them outfor dinner and PAY FOR IT, and STILL get laid.. Just so long as you keep YOUR frame the whole time. This makes it MUCH more difficult, but so long as you keep YOUR frame (as described above), the chick will ADAPT to whats put out, and still do what you want. DICTATE the frame, and the chick will ADAPT to it.

Your RESULTS will be dictated by what you PUT OUT THERE. Suck the chick into YOUR reality, and she will be more inclined to adapt to YOUR frame. Remember that chicks ADAPT, and that you are FUCKING UP if things arent moving forward in one way or another. At the same time, having fun IS moving things forward, so dont be PARANOID that youre not. Having fun isnt something that you FAKE. Its something that you DO. Put out the RIGHT frame, and shell be into DIRTY SEX, and THREESOMES, and SEXUAL CONNECTIONS, and all sorts of EROTIC type shit.. Put out the WRONG frame, and shell be into SCREENING you and DATING and NINETEEN-FIFTIES type shit. She will ADAPT to what you put out, so put out the RIGHT vibe. She will APPRECIATE it.

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