How to Maintain the Momentum from a Sarge

When you get together with chicks, you can get stuck in a fucking AFC trap. One of the big probs with get togethers, even after TIGHT pickups, is getting out of the AFC FRAME. This is a SERIOUS problem, that I STILL am having a sticking point with. I know HOW to get out of it, but I cant actually do it 100% of the time. One of the problems with this medium (internet) is that we can convey LINES and STRATEGIES, but we cant really convey ACTIONS and DELIVERY in the same level of detail. No matter HOW detailed my post is, its just DAMNED hard to convey this kind of thing. But what can I do?? Let’s give it a shit 🙂 The chick may be perceiving you as ALPHA and immediate-fuck worthy during the PU, but once she’s had time to re-affirm her worth and fortitude between the PU and the get-together, she’s placed you back in theBETA/AFC frame.

Or maybe its not even that, but that you didnt blend attraction generating strategies with rapport building strategies. Or maybe shes a party-chick, who only likes to bang guys she just met either way. Theres TONS of reasons that shes slotted you AFC by the meet, but it doesnt MATTER, so long as you dig yourself OUT of that categorization. You may have even gotten a tongue-down at the meet, but when you get there for the meet-up, shes acting like she got back from charm- school. A few months ago, I had a chick tell me that its ON next time we meet (since the grocery store was closed and we couldnt get condoms late at night in Kingston). I call her to pick her up a few days later, and she wants to meet at the coffee shop instead of her house. We meet, and I try to move us to another venue (since Im gonna make up an excuse to isolate), and she REFUSES.

Similarly, I had a chick who was implying go home together at the club. Since I usually dont like ONS from clubs, I declined, but said meet up for tomorrow. Next day she was all LOVING ME, but HOLDING OUT since she was playing The Rules style shit on me. This shit happens ALL THE TIME, when youre using solid PU tactics to FORCE meetups. For me, instead of asking for a #, Ill set a MEET time and date right there. This is FAR less likely to get flakes than a # where I live, since its a smaller place and the chick KNOWS that Ill see her again and be pissed off, if she stands me up. Not to mention that I give her the I-don’t-tolerate-flaky-people-who-are-into-a-plan-one-minute,-but-arent-cool-and-motivated-enough-to-stick-to-it.. are-you-one-of-those-people??? whole spiel. So naturally, I dont get many flakes but I DO get this cold phenomenon on certain occasions. Overnight, it has turned from a fuck thing, to a AFC old fashioned date, where shes not being playful or touchy/feely, youre both kinda uncomfortable 1950s style, and the natural chemistry is AWOL.

So what is the ANSWER???

Women are ADAPTABLE, and FLUID. They ADAPT to the frame that YOU set.

More on this later.


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