How to Naturally Attract Women

When you change yourself and your outlook on women, it will no doubt change your life. However this is not everything on your life. It will not make or break you as a person. It is a part that will mean nothing if it consumes you and the rest of your life lays bare and fruitless.
As well as if you doing well, improving your life and all of a sudden as a lazy conforming man or as desperation move you stop and conform. You can be the extreme alpha and push on with your game that it will take over your life and make you happy. Or be a flash in the pan alpha and do it until you find a girl suitable and that meets your standards and slack off afterwards. This is worse because you’ll just end up becoming a shadow of your former alpha self and resent your partner. You see being good with women is not the be all and end all in life. But to have this aspect of your life covered with lay a foundation of potential and confidence to improve and make the rest of your days happier as well as knowing you are alpha male and can do what you set your mind to.

(Remember one important thing, men hunt and women trap)
The biggest kryptonite men have is their sex drive and what sex does to them. Don’t let the sex turn your mind to mush, that will intoxicate your man hood.

Let’s face it, we tend to settle and become Mr. Lazybones and why not, it’s in our society’s make up and standards and seems like the right move. If we put on our game and landed a really hot, smart women and we are in alpha sexual relationship with her, we can easily be mistaken for stopping and being less driven and motivated. We will stop going out and pursuing our future and being completely alpha and expanding our alpha ways. She’s hot and you’re sleeping with her. Why on earth would you ever leave the bedroom?

Well for this reason of it’s taken 3, 5 or 6 months to be the great magnet that sucks in beautiful women. It’s become a part of your life. So you’ve inflated this temporary aspect of life. If you slack off, it will fade away and become a distant part of your life, a very good memory. You need to let it flow into your entire life. This can only happen by being an Alpha for so long that you don’t know any other way.

Once you are surrounded by beautiful women, you will not fear being alone, most men rush and marry the girl they have for a fear of a life alone and need to spread their seed. But when you are an alpha and have choices and are not needy, you won’t be desperate and marry the next girl that comes along. You’ll flow as a single man, growing your life in all directions and paths.

Women thrive and in all fairness survive with this fear. They need a man to feel that he has to marry and settle. They need it to fulfill their genetic code, if every man knew that his life belongs to him and not a path he has to conform to.

That it is ok not to marry and have kids as a rule. They’d be in trouble. Men resent and women are undeniably attracted to a man who follows his own path. Because with everything in life. Beautiful women can color and make your life more fulfilling or can hamper it by comforming you to other ways and methods. You need to do it your way and follow your own path. Because being the alpha male is better than the sum of its parts.


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