How to Predict Flakes, Pt. 2

Anyway, what’s my solution to all this?

Well, for me, I found that if the sarge FELT (BOTH to me and her) very natural, then it would never flake. So if the sexual tension was high (maybe we even get it on a bit), and it was an AMAZING sarge, she’d flake later. But if it was a SOLID/DECENT sarge, but still felt VERY natural to meet again (no nervousness), then she’d want to meet for sure.

So the key was that if I didn’t have the time to f_close her same day, I’d try to gear down the sarge a bit, to seem less Mystery-like (ie: I wouldn’t seem like an IMMORTAL GOD). Then I’d crank it up at the meet, when I DO have time to f_close. If I couldn’t manage that, then I knew I had to f_close it same day, or suffer the flake.

Also, in the case of flakes, I took to just saying “It’s fine…. I thought about it, and I’m not looking for that kind of thing right now.. look, let’s just spend some time together at the mall later today, and we’ll just chill and hangout.. I’m seeing other people right now anyway” (playing it off like you have a “friendship connection” and shit like that).

That tends to rewind them back to the more neutral and less flakey mindset, and then once they watch you sarge 15 HB8+ chicks at the mall, and start to feel more AT EASE around you (knowing you longer, and also seeing that you’re not LJBF material since they view you sexually watching you hookup other women) and then they’ll BEG you to be let back into the golden gates.

IOW, use her for BAIT as a PIVOT, until you’ve spent enough time together to feel more comfortable. This is DIFFERENT from being a typical LJBF, since it doesn’t have the same “spineless loser who tries to be my friend to veil his desires” type connotations that LJBF is normally associated with. She still views you as alpha, and sexual, if you play your cards right. Then, you exploit the “we’re friends so we can hang out in my bedroom” to pattern her and close the deal at a later point.

Now Mystery rightly pointed out to me that this is BACKWARDS, since you should have established social proof  FIRST. Anyway, it could still work regardless of the circumstances, assuming you’re trying to damage control the situation (it would have to be for a chick that’s worth it obviously).

Anyway, I’m really not sure how well I explained that, but I hope it’s helpful. Actually I wonder if it’s better to explain in terms of  not developing enough rapport with the girl. I mean, if you blaze in their with awesome routines and shit she’ll be swept off her feet but she’ll be so shocked she won’t think that she has a bond with you. So actually you want to calm the girl towards the end of the interaction so it’s like you’re have a real chat rather than doing super high energy stuff.

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