How To Predict Flakes, Pt. 3

There’s another PROBLEM that alot of guys here have. Basically, I’ve noticed a TREND in the community. What often happens, is that someone will go up on some chick, flirt it up with her for 20 minutes or so, and wonder, WHY DID THE CHICK FLAKE at the phonecall?

Well it’s like this: People FLIRT all the time, but unless you have DEEP RAPPORT along with attraction, there’s little chance that the girl will want to continue it beyond that interaction.

So, IOW, just because she enjoyed flirting for 20 minutes does NOT mean that she necessarily wants to go out.

You should eventually develop a FLAKE-DAR for this shit. Basically, there’s a DIFFERENCE between a flirty interaction, where the chick just doesn’t want to say outright NO at your contact info request (since she had some brief fun chatting you), and an interaction where she’s genuinely LOOKING FORWARD to seeing you again.

Now of course, its ALWAYS good to play the numbers and get a # in EVERY sarge.  Often, the girl NEVER gets approached, and is happy to see you again SOLELY on that account. This happens more than you’d think, so ALWAYS go for the #close if you can’t f_close.

Anyway, the way I gauge it, is if -I- don’t feel nervous or in anyway unnatural seeing the girl again (ie: we had a genuine feeling of rapport that didn’t feel forced, ALONG with us potentially wanting to fuck) then there isn’t a flake.

Have you ever had a PU where you kinda forced  it, and even though you got alot of laughs and IOIs and such, you STILL didn’t really feel that you’d like to necessarily see the person again if it weren’t for the fact that you wanted to FUCK HER. That’s often a case where the chick will FLAKE on you.

Have you ever flirted with some old senoir lady, and gone through the WHOLE PU process just as sort of a joke for fun. That’s FLIRTING. People do it ALL THE TIME. But you have to have a GENUINE of kind of feeling that you’d like to see eachother again if you don’t want a flake. What do you think the old granny you’re kidding around with, would do if you suddenly asked for her # right?

And that’s ALSO the type of thing (to a much GREATER extremity) that you’re looking to avoid when you come on too SMOOTH or too good, etc. The girl may think (why does he want me? it must be just to fuck, since our type of rapport isn’t the kind where we’d meet up again just to see eachother)


Because although she may have wanted to fuck, she doesn’t feel that kind of rapport connection with you to JUSTIFY it to herself, ONCE YOU ARE GONE AND HER STATE IS BROKEN.

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