How To Use Push-Pull Successfully!

More on getting her to shit test you. This is about push-pulling which means QUALIFYING, TEASING, and JOKING about being together, and broken up, again and again. Learn to be the MASTER of PUSH-PULL.

I am a master of it now, and I FULLY CREDIT the innovative C&F masters SWINGCAT, KOOPER, BADBOY, ZAN, STYLE, DAVID D, and many others I picked up great lines and attitudes from, for helping me to get where I am with it.

Here’s an EXAMPLE of a STRUCTURE, which should of course have OTHER STUFF worked into it (IOW, don’t follow this to the letter, but use it as a skeleton):

Roll up on her, make funny faces, smile and hit her, and wrap your arm around her (kino-opener, described many times in operation mayhem posts).. you are CUTE.. I think that you’ll make a NICE new GIRLFRIEND.. hahaha, hey WAIT.. I need a girl who can cook…you cant?? OK, were broken up…actually wait, you DO smell good…very alluring…actually WAIT!! do you eat SOAP??? oh man, we are BROKEN UP…no no, definitely broken up…you are BAD…hahaha, for sure!!.. are you adventurous?? cause I cant even hang with you unless you’re adventurous.. mmm,. that does sound adventurous.. alright we can hang, but I cant take you to my COOL places because you might just be PG-13 adventurous, not R-rated adventurous.. really, you did X-ACTIVITY?? hmm.. OK maybe you’re cool.. oh man, imagine if we ran away and did X-ADVENTURE (make up a 1-2 minute Bonnie & Clyde type adventure) together…and we could STEAL this X-STUFF (whatever is in front of you) and SELL IT.. No?? OK I’m taking THIS then! (grab HER shit, and shell WRESTLE you for it).. haha, OK fine, I wont do that.. I have a better plan.. I need a RICH girl…are YOU?? no?? do you have cable though?? SWEET, I can watch daytime SOAPS…NICE!! OOOOOH MAN, we are getting MARRIED RIGHT NOW.. Will you MARRY ME??? OMG I am SO SERIOUS, well get married RIGHT NOW.. (then have a person in the room pretend to MARRY the two of you, and you exchange items together like rings or something, and kiss AT LEAST on the cheek)… OK AWESOME, now that were married I can DIVORCE you and live in your house and watch DAYTIME TV…

How This Works For You

What this does is ENGAGES her sexually, and then DISENGAGES her sexually, over and over and over. Its not like if you say you’re my new girlfriend…lets make plans to go out…lets make plans to be together…lets be together, which would be PULL, PULL, PULL, PULL. She would RESIST that strategy 9 times out of 10. By doing PUSH PULL, her limbic brain is ENGAGED, but then DISENGAGED before she has a chance to RESIST. The result will be like a FISH, who you reel in, let fight and let out slack, reel in more, let fight more, reel in more, etc etc etc etc.. It gets her HOT, but the PUSH disarms her RESISTANCE, before you proceed to PULL again. KEEP DOING THIS AS LONG AS NECESSARY until she SHIT TESTS you. Look up the dissecting shit test passing measures post, to INTERNALIZE the STRUCTURE of passing a shit test in DETAIL.

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