The Perfect Blend of PUA

I’ve been posting for years now. Some guys are up to speed on what I’m doing. Others are not. Other guys, like TokyoPUA who are just too busy out getting laid, to keep up with my ridiculous amounts of keyboard jockeying, but are curious about it. This post is just a common sense summary of what we do, and why we  do it.  There is nothing groundbreaking in this post, but it is a useful summary and analysis of what we do.  Its good review for advanced guys anyway, but really is just intended to get everyone up to speed. I’m  posting this because I’m about to post some VERY advanced and esoteric shit in the coming months.  Top notch stuff that I’m really proud of, and I want to have everyone up to speed on WTF I’m doing. Anyway, I  really enjoy participating on this chatboard, and I hope that this encourages people to get out there and test  this higher level stuff, because its really a great hobby and it gets you laid like a fucking rockstar.

Mixing and matching V, A, C, Q, S.

Some basic often asked questions from the scene are:

  • should I compliment or not?
  • should I act sexual or playful?
  • should I bust on the girl, or try to build rapport?
  • should I open with rapport first because its more genuine, or use opinion openers?
  • should I try to seduce her, or entertain the group?
  • should I engage the whole group, or go straight up to the girl?
  • is bodylanguage and tonality and having an aura of alphaness really enough to attract girls, or do I need to memorize routines?
  • can I talk my way out of a lay, by trying to hard to use all this “game”?

What I want to address here, is that these questions do not have blanket answers.  I want to break down what the tactics are that we use, why we use them in particular orders, and whether its even necessary to deliberately use them at all.

Some stuff we all use is:

(V) Social-Value tactics (peacocking, social proof, subcommunicating that you are in and on top of their      scene, and the way that you carry yourself in general – you are generally a COOL guy and its obvious)

(A) Attract material (push/pull, routines, DHVs, teasing, roleplaying, challenging/qualifying, IVDs, CAT Theory, mini-cold-reads, high energy humour stories, sexual predator misinterpretation, pimptalk, engaging the group but using active ignorance on the girl you want, etc etc)

(C) Comfort material (commonalities, exchanging values, yes-ladders, kino/kissing, vulnerability, talking about the emotional relevance of things and seeing how she responsds, spending approximately 7 hours together and just “being together”, testing for trust via leaving stuff with eachother or not taking the chance to make eachother feel uncomfortable when the opportunity comes up)

(Q) Qualification material (making her perceive that she has unique value to you, arbitrary qualifiers “I love redheads”, emotional qualifiers “I just feel good around you”, hard qualifying “Is there more to you than meets the eye?  What do you have going for you?”, presenting hoops “I want x,y,z in a girl.. (so she’ll say she has them), genuine compliments, M2F/F2M”

(S) Sexual state (slowing down, triangular gazing, phase shift routines, kiss close routines, etc)

So typically, we use the formula of V, A, C, Q, S.  That’s a tried and true formula -> it works.

There is no perfect model, and if you’re a natural, you don’t even need to think about this stuff.  You may do it nonetheless, but its unconscious.

But just in terms of advanced game theory, its interesting to just see that these are elements that in general will usually go into an interaction that leads to sex.  It’s also funny to note that a year ago this post would be considered very advanced, but just in terms of how we’ve progressed as a chatgroup, this post is actually very basic and obvious stuff (it really belongs in ‘General’).  I think that’s really cool.

So anyway, to map out why the linear progression typically works, in the particular order of V, A, C, Q, S, we could just look at what typically is necessary:

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