ijjjji Method – Part 3

Attraction, Sexual State, Open, Flirting, Intrigue, Kino, Shit Test, Rapport, Kino, Closing

ATTRACTION – GENERALBe fit!Be clean/groomed!Be the prize!Be the man!Be in a strong confident state!Be sexual!

ATTRACTION – SEXUAL STATEBe in a sexual state. Show it by doing stuff like: Play with something in your hands. Straighten hair/clothes. Touch your face, neck and body. Turn more and more towards her. Move closer. Open relaxed body language. Relaxed smile. Low relaxed eye lids. Sensual eye contact. Whisper like voice. Lick upper lip. Bite lower lip. Look down with ‘sad’ eye brows. Scan her body slowly with eyes.Stare at lips. Open mouth with long breath. Turn head sideways slightly backwards to expose carotid artery. Short heavy breathing.

ATTRACTION – OPENAttitude and body language must be 100% the man and 100% the prize.Avoid approaching too directly – talk to her as you pass her or while facing another direction or while in conversation with others.NEG her if she doesn’t show interest and enthusiasm.

ATTRACTION – FLIRTINGBe cocky!Tease her about wanting you, that you can’t be a couple, that you are not her type, that she should try to seduce another guy etc.Bust her playfully on everything she does and says.Pretend like you are searching for a polite way to leave her.Tell her she is seducing you and beg her to stop.Say things with hidden sexual messages (subtext) – use a lot of symbolic words: wet, moist, stream, pump, warm, open, grow, big, rise, stiff, hard, hidden, secret, good, from behind, in, deeper, slide, penetrate, ecstasy, bliss, come, suck, lick, tongue, mouth, adventure, feel, rhythm, wave, fantasy, wild, untamed, intense.Look at her like she said something dirty. Paraphrase stuff she says into a sexual context and tell her she’s a naughty girl.

ATTRACTION – INTRIGUEBe mystical – don’t say everything – indicate and say things indirectly. Hint towards secrets and double meanings with body language, facial expressions and subtext.Ask her to guess. Give obvious bull shit answers.Become distracted or cut yourself off or change subject just before you reach the point.Fractionate attention when there’s a spike in her interest. Look and talk to other girls. Turn away from her. Go toilet. Fall into deep thought. Look around.

ATTRACTION – KINOButt bump, spank, tackle, push, spin, tickle/prickle, pinch, pull hair, wrestle, lift, shake.Point somewhere and stick a finger in her belly. Pretend to kiss her hand but kiss our own instead.

ATTRACTION – SHIT TESTFocus on being the prize and the man if she does things to become the prize or make you less dominant.Stuff like demands, commands, complains, manipulation, negativity, logic questions and threats must be met with attraction (cocky busting/teasing, spanking, tickling or backturn/freezeout). Never with direct/honest answer, frustration, neediness or rapport seeking.If she complains about you, agree and ask if that’s why you make her so horny.

RAPPORTNever seek rapport. When she seeks rapport, give her a little bit, but never enough to satisfy her. Then return to attraction.Do not try to build trust, comfort and feeling of safety. Don’t try to be kind and considerate. Don’t try to be her friend.Avoid rapport that is feminine, friendly, careful, considerate or insecure.

RAPPORT – KINOBe the man by using an impulsive and confident caveman style.Rub, don’t squeeze or pinch. Use slow deliberate movements.Touch her close to eregenous zones and pull back.Touch yourself with her hands.De-escalate kino after escalation.

RAPPORT – CLOSINGCreate an innocent reason why you should go together to her or your place. Then take charge and make it happen.If conversation dies, look her in the eyes and say nothing.Smell her neck slowly from shoulder to hair line. “Mmmmm!” Do it again while gradually making it more like kissing and biting. Continue up and nibble her earlobe gently and continue along her chin towards her mouth. Pull back before you reach her mouth. Then grab her head and kiss her cave man style. Pull back again etc. Continue taking steps forwards and backwards until she is ready for sex.Let your sexual state affect everything you do. Show her you got problems concentrating. Make it obvious what you think about.Be the man in bed.


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